Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Wrestling Season So Far

By Mia Skowronski
Edited By Jocelyn Jaro

    The Massabesic wrestling team is known for their tough athletes and strong record, with many victors coming out from the ranks of the team. They often make it to states as they are one of the stronger teams to come out of Massabesic. The players on this team are all strong competitors and this season shouldn't have been any different from the ones prior.

     Coached by Richard DeRosier, the varsity team consists of five freshmen and four seniors. Though their team is primarily younger athletes they have as put by one of the wrestlers, Matthew Pooler, “has been a pretty good season as we have a pretty young team.” Two injuries set the team back as Noah Magrath had a shoulder injury that put him out for the season and Noah Schneider, a senior, dislocated his elbow at a match in the Spartan Invitational and was out for the remainder of the season. Schneider was predicted to win states, but sadly the chances won't be known as due to the injury, he will not be reaching states this year. Despite injuries that may have set the team back,  the remaining wrestlers didn't let these hold them back.

      Two of the seniors on the wrestling team Leo Amabile, the team’s 113, and Matthew Carroll, the team’s 220, are both expected to win states in their weight classes. Amabile boasts an undefeated record in Maine, with only two losses from when the team went to compete in Pennsylvania. He also won the Southern Maine Classic, a tournament in Essex, Vermont, and the Spartan Invitational in overtime to a competitor from Danbury, Connecticut. Overall, a great season for Leo Amabile and much is expected from him in States and New England’s. Matthew Carroll also boasted an undefeated record in Maine, with only one loss against an opponent on a top conceding team from Timberlane during the Spartan Invitational. Carroll won the Southern Maine Classic and a tournament in Essex, Vermont, and he is also expected to do well in New England’s along with the projected victory in States. One of the team’s Freshmen, Matthew Pooler, is the team’s 152 weight class, one of which is filled with upperclassmen. Pooler’s season had a record of 15-3 against Maine competitors, only losing to a senior from Bonny Eagle, who he later beat in the Southern Maine Classic, and a competitor from Marshwood. Matthew Pooler said that he has “hopes to place in States and do well in New England’s.” The team has had a very good run thus far, and we all wish them good luck in States and New England’s.

   The team’s coach, Richard DeRosier, recently retired after 15 years of coaching the Massabesic wrestling team. DeRosier retired to focus on his family because of how much wrestling has taken up his life and he wishes to turn the focus back on them. He will be missed by his wrestlers, however, who view him as a role model and look to him advice and direction on the team. As said by Matthew Pooler, “He has done wonders for this Massabesic wrestling program,” an opinion most likely shared by his teammates. He will be sorely missed by the wrestling community, and his wrestlers will miss seeing him in their corner every match. The role of Head Coach will be passed down to Paul Gilman. Though the team’s season has been phenomenal, they still have room to grow and learn as a team, while with a new coach will be learning a new view to the sport. With a team full of new faces, we all are sure to be watching to what the team brings us next year.  


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