Monday, February 27, 2017

Police Officers Convicted of Assault

 Police Officers Convicted of Assault
          During the pro-democracy demonstration in Hong Kong during 2014, seven Hong Kong police officers assaulted Ken Tsang. They were prosecuted on Tuesday, February 14th. Ken Tsang had been subdued and his hands weretied, five officers are seen punching, kicking and stomping on Mr. Tsang, this was all caught on video.  All the officers are set to be sentenced on Friday.
          The assault took place in October of 2014. Hong Kong flagged public support for the protesters, this is known as the umbrella movement. Two of the officers were beating Mr. Tsang while another two were standing there watching them. The judge, David Dufton of the Hong Kong district court, said that the two officers who were watching the assault played a supporting role in it and are also found guilty. All seven police officers have been suspended from duty.
          The officers were charged of another more serious account of assault of causing grievous bodily harm with intent. This carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. Mr. Tsang suffered injuries to his face, neck and other parts of his body.

The Seven officers pictured below:
Ken Tsang’s one of many injuries pictured below:

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