Thursday, February 16, 2017

Max Steel Movie Review

By: Ashley Day
Editor: Bri Bernier

  The action packed movie Max Steel that came out October 14, 2016 was an incredible work of art. The directors did a great job bringing the animated Max Steel show to life with characters that really fit into the roles. The movie itself was really good, bringing out all of the special effects that were showed in the animated show, such as, when Max merged with Steel to use his Turbo Modes like: Turbo Flight, Turbo Strength, and Turbo Speed, or when Max found out he had Takion energy flowing through him or even the bad guys were realistic.

  Max was played by Ben Winchell and I think he did a great job playing as Max McGrath, but I think that the directors could have found a better voice for Steel. His voice was different and I think that audiences that were looking forward to this movie were disappointed when they heard Steel talk. It was very different from the original voice of Steel.

  The story line fit perfectly with the animated series, but I think it jumped to conclusions a little too soon. In the animated series, Max doesn't learn about his heritage until towards the end of the second season, but he learns it towards the middle of the movie. The directors also forgot about N-Tek, the secret organization that helps Max and Steel learn how to control their powers. Max's uncle was introduced there and so was a lot of the main characters that help Max Steel save the world, such as, the very smart character Roberto that created his greatest ally, CY.T.R.O. I am hoping for a sequel to this movie so that they can add this information and make the audience happy.

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