Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Let's Talk Instagram

article by Kaitlyn Weko
edited by Sofia Albert
 It all Started in 2010

   The world wide app littered with teens photos is the app of the century, like facebook, instagram allows you to post photos and share with your followers. The app came around in 2010 and was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. The app was launched in October and rapidly gained popularity over the following years, by 2014 300 million users scattered the pages of instagram. The app has never just stayed the same, through the transition of instagram, upgrades have allowed a new look and new features. From only being able to post pictures to now going live, to the new app icon, the app has come a long way.

  Instagram's newest update has been finally leaked by android beta tester Phillip Chang.  The update has not yet been released to ISO but soon will be.  The upgrade is now allowing more than one photo uploaded at once, meaning sorta like Facebook, they will now be allowing the users to upload photo albums. It is still not quite clear on how the like process will work but the new feature was described as a must have. To upload the multiple photos it requires multiple steps but seem easy to follow. Beta testers say the new update will be really useful for all the instagrammers that post thousand of photos a day. But a major plus could be not to have to scroll so much through newsfeed. It is unclear when the upgrade will be made available to the public but when it's released it is known as a must have.

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