Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Honored Students of Massabesic


    Massabesic High School has a list of recognized students that the teachers pick for doing so well every month. These students have worked hard to stay ahead and on top of their studies.

Honored Students of November (Most recent publication of honored students):

Zachary Alcorn.      Amber Arsenault.      Elijah Baldinelli.      Keegan Beardsley-Dow
Paige Blaney.         Katreana Bouchard.  Lakyn Bourque.     Rachel Brooks
Sarah Cloutier.       Guinevere Cote.       Abigail Darling.       Owen Easley
Anna Fitzgerald.    Colby Gary.               Amie Giles.             Noah Harfoush
Jennifer Hiemisch. Emily Kelley.             Colby Kennedy.      Isabella Lanoie
Ben Levesque.       Autumn Littlefield.    Ethan Lord.             Tucker Lucas
Raishean Markie.  Nick Merry.                Emily Morin.           Elizabeth Nadeau
Alexis Norton.        Shelby Patch.           Brandyn Pecoraro. Aidan Peters
Helen Philbrick.     Carrie Phinney.         Alana Poulin.          Michelle Radley
Madison Richards.Benjamin Rohner.     Ethan Roy.              Taylor Starbird
Samantha Strandberg.                           Stella Utgard.         Winter Whitten
Olivia Thomson-Collins

To be an honored student, there are a few things that you must do to be qualified, these are in accordance with the vision statement proposed by the school district:

  1. You must be respectful of your peers and your teachers
  2. You are responsible for your actions
  3. Using application of knowledge in the right way
  4. Displays moral courage

    I asked freshman language arts teacher Mark Mercier about what he thinks qualifies to get an honored student letter.
    “I look for independent ability in a student, a student solving a problem by themselves, or just doing an assignment for me that was far better than I was expecting.”
The next person I interviewed was freshman Sarah Cloutier.
    “How did you become an honored student? Any special tricks to keep you going?”
    “Well my older brother has always been working hard to get good grades so he set the path that I followed. Also my parents always push me to do good. Lastly I'd like to stay in my sports so good grades keep me going”

         The only way to become an honored student is to stay on top/ahead of your work, be respectful and responsible, and being kind to others. You must strive to succeed in school, and if you’re really looking for some specific examples, make sure to check out the RSU57 Vision Statement!

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