Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fresh Water Crisis

article by Emma Swett
edited by Sofia Albert
 In leading countries, the accessibility to fresh water isn't an issue but for poorer countries, people spend their entire day searching for it. With access to clean water, countries in Africa for example, can improve education, health, and hunger. Since finding clean, safe water can take all day, most students don't have enough time to focus on their education. Clean water improves the health of people because they are able to clean themselves, and the risk for water borne diseases is greatly decreased. Clean water also improves Africa's hunger issue because the water can sustain crops and plant life which can feed a great deal of the population, lowering the hunger crisis. Finding fresh, safe drinking water is an issue for many people worldwide and if you wish to donate to the cause, click the link, https://thewaterproject.org/water-scarcity/.