Tuesday, February 14, 2017

First Semester Coming to A Close (2016-2017)


    This school year so far has been a great experience for most students. For some students, it's their last few months here at Massabesic High School before they start a new big step in their lives. While for others they are just beginning their high school careers that will guide them on their way to a life of success and opportunity. Each student has a different take on how the first semester went, and they have a few things to say about it. I interviewed a freshman, sophomore, junior, and a senior to get each grade’s viewpoint on how stressful or calming the whole process really is.

    The first person I interview was freshman Grace Desimone. I asked a total of four questions to get the most information I could.
    The first question was: “How has the first semester been going for you?” 
Grace's response to me was: “It's been going pretty bad.”
    “Why is that?”
    “Homework is more difficult because the teachers aren't really giving much instructions to us, and by the end of the semester everything feels rushed.”
   “What could be done to change this?”
    “Teachers could do an overview of what was learned, and at the end of the semester they could have easy tests and easy assignments.”
    “What's your plan for completing next semester, is there anything you would try to do better or fix?”
    “This time I could actually try harder thAn what I was doing before.”
    For freshman, you really don't know what to expect in high school. People think they can procrastinate just like they used to do but it's very difficult to do so. In Grace's point of view, the semester was difficult, but that's what high school is supposed to be. It's supposed to get you ready for the next stage in your life whether it's college or jumping right into a job, you need to be ready and that's what high school prepares you for.


    The next person I interviewed is a sophomore, Elizabeth Brown.
   The first question asked was: “How did your first semester go?” 
She replied to me with: “It went pretty good, after I got into the classes I wanted to, and I got used to my schedule, it went better than my freshman year.”
    “What were some of your favorite classes, and do you do good or bad in them?
    “My favorite classes were band and math, I did good in both of the classes, only because I enjoyed them so I payed more attention in them.”
    “How did you complete this semester successfully, what were your techniques?”

    “I wrote down all of my homework, and stayed after if I needed help on any work. I made sure I wasn't falling behind and having it build up.”
    The last and final question I asked was, “What's your plan for completing this semester, is there anything you would try to do better of fix?”
    “I just hope to keep up my good grades, and make sure I can get the help that I need to pass my classes.”
    So it would seem that this semester went pretty well for Elizabeth. The workload over each year in high school gradually gets harder and more frequent, making it harder to stay on top with your work and good grades. Being persistent on your work in your classes has seemed to help her quite a bit. Others haven't discovered such good methods yet, but as the years go on you get more experience, so maybe it will get better.



    The third person I interviewed is a junior, Olivia Gerry. The first question I asked was: “How was your first semester?” 
Olivia replied with: “Most of my classes were good, except for English. I hated that class. I think I had the best time either with chorus or in my mythology class.”    
 “Why were some of your classes good, while others were bad?”
    “English was hard because it was an AP course and I didn't really have a lot of time to do the work and he never told us deadlines. Chorus was great because we added new people to the “family” it was one of our best classes in the last three years. Mythology was amazing because we were the first class of this course and we got to choose what we wanted to learn about.”
   The third question was: “What was your technique for completing all work for your classes on time and thoroughly?” 
She replied with: “I set aside at least an hour a day to work on my homework for the following day (white days I'd do green homework and vice versa). I would also stay after to get help from my teachers if I needed it.”
The fourth and final question was: “What's your plan for completing this semester, is there anything you would try to do better or fix?”
    “I will definitely pay attention in History, since I'm not that strong in that subject, a and I'm going to focus a little more on my classes and a little less on after school activities.”
    Sounds like it was a busy semester. Packing your schedule with extra activities after school sounds like a real issue to find a good balance of homework and the extra stuff. Managing your time is a big part of high school and just school in general. It seems like it's been a concern for the students I've spoken to. But the first semester is always a trial run to see what you should do better or keep the same and no matter what grade you're in, there always will be a struggle.

The fourth person I interviewed was a senior, Savannah Ford. The first question I asked was: “How was your first semester?” 
Savannah replied to me with: “It was really fun.”
    “Why is that?”
    “Because I loved all of my teachers, and my classes were great too.”
    The third question I asked was: “did you have any specific struggles with work or anything of that nature?”
    She replied to me with: “I procrastinate a little too much.”
    The last and final question was: “What are your plans for completing this semester, and is anything you would try to do better or fix?”
    Her answer was: “Try to pass English with a grade higher than an eighty-eight.”

 So all in all this semester went pretty well for students. There are a few issues that people have with not every class being their favorite or not having enough time to complete an assignment, but they just have to manage their time a little bit better. There are people who wish high school would be easier, but that's why it's high school.
    Each year you move up a grade and you get smarter due to the complexity of your learning and it prepares you for your life in the long run. The new semester will hopefully bring people a better experience in their classes, or if they already had a good one, maybe they can have an even better one.

To find out more details on the first semester, go to http://highschool.rsu57.org .

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