Thursday, February 16, 2017

CANCER, Have We Really Found A Cure?

By: Savannah Wakita
Edited by Alyssa Paquin

     Bob Berry, a 60 year old man who had been suffering from lung cancer since 2013, has been cured and is now completely free of his cancer. As a result of this he now has an extended lifetime. This new “miracle drug” was being used in trial at Europe's leading cancer hospital in Manchester, England. It is said to make the cancer more noticeable to the immune system which will cause further on treatments that try to get rid of the cancer to be more effective. After taking the drug, the patient is treated with immunotherapy which stimulates the immune system and basically helps it fight off the tumor itself with less need for chemo. In Bob’s case, it has rid him of cancer and he now has more than a year left to live, which anyone who was in his position would be thankful for. It may not seem like a lot more time to live at the age of 60 but after enduring a long road of fighting cancer, it could be the best gift ever. This result was much more of a response than the researchers and scientists had hoped for. It is a phenomenal breakthrough for cancer patients and scientists. This new drug will pave the way for more medical breakthroughs later in the future. (

(Bob Berry and Dr Matthew Krebs, on of the many doctors and scientists who worked on the trial.)

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