Thursday, February 16, 2017

Advice With Bryce

By Anonymous
Why does the freshman class fight so much?
Dear Aggressive,
This is because the freshman think they are better than everyone. Causing fights for no reason just because they think they can beat someone in a fight because they think they’re better. I hope this gives you a more clear understanding.

Does Bryce actually give advice?
Dear Doubter,
Why yes, I do give some advice, like this question. But I am not the only one.

My parents are really getting on me about everything recently. They don't like my friends and are very critical of everything I do. How can I get my parents to back off?
Dear Annoyed With Parents,
Try talking to them! They may not realize you are feeling like this, and may just be trying to protect you. To you, your friends may seem harmless, but if your parents don’t know them, they may seem very scary to them. Their job is to protect you, and they are trying their best. So every once in awhile, thank them for caring about you enough to worry. If talking to them doesn’t help, try listening. They may have a very good point and may not be as unreasonable as you thought. Good Luck!
What are some ideas to make new friends?
Dear Loner,
Just remember to not change yourself to impress anyone else. You don’t need to change your well being for someone else’s. If you want to make new friends, try to be happy, always try to show happy feelings. But, if you are a sad and lonely person, don’t change yourself to be “happy”, just be you. Also, don’t be afraid to crack a few cheesy puns. For example: “I’d throw a party in space, but you know, I’d have to planet.”
I have heard that drinking coffee can be bad for you and stunt your growth. Is it ok for teens to drink coffee?
Dear Coffee Conundrum,
There is a lot of research on if anyone should be drinking coffee, not just teens. I am no scientist or doctor, so I had no idea myself! After scouring the internet for a while, I found some good sites to check out! Try looking at: Ask The Experts or LIVESTRONG.  I hope these help!

There's someone I like; how should I ask them out?
Dear Desperate,
Asking people out is not something that a lot of people can do with ease; nervousness is possibly the reason why. It can be easier to ask someone out once you've got to know them, but even then it could be hard. It can be easier to ask someone out when you both have some of the same beliefs, but even then it could be hard. The simplest advice I could give you is to just wing it; forget about all of the problems you have about doing it and just wing it. If it doesn't work out, then try something else; depending on the situation, there are always different solutions. The first step for asking someone out is to just wing it.
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How to replicate restaurant food?
         Dear Home Chef,
There are many resources that can help you learn how to replicate restaurant food. If you look on YouTube, there are many good channels and videos that show you how to recreate restaurant food, and they aren’t too hard to find. Here are some websites and videos that you might find helpful! Want to know 100 Famous Restaurant Recipes You Can Make At Home? How about how to make McDonald's French Fries? Have fun!
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How do I get into the college I want?
Dear Future Graduate,
How are your grades? If they are bad, well you may want to work to get them better. Depending on the college you may want to get them a lot better. Other than that, pass in all your work ON TIME! If there is a chance to get a four, go for it. Always strive to be better than before and better the next day. -

Everyday I start the day off wanting to eat better.  But by the end of the day, usually right before bed, I snack on chips or candy. How can I get myself to eat healthier.
Dear Wanting To Be Healthy,
If your body does not get enough calories during the day, you will want to eat right before bed.  This is problematic because going to bed on a full stomach is not good for you and can affect the quality of your sleep.   Instead, if you want to eat healthier I suggest that you eat regularly throughout the day.  First,  you will need to cut sugar and starch out of your diet (gradually). Eating too much food that is high in sugar or high in carbohydrates can make you feel bad, and even lead you to eat more. The hard part about doing this is changing your diet.  Cutting back on the foods you are accustomed to eat, and that your body craves is not an easy thing to do.  If you feel you have an addiction to potato chips, try replacing it with a healthier choice that still has the satisfying crunch, like cucumbers or bell peppers.  Another helpful suggestion is to pre-plan your snacks.  Keep your refrigerator stocked with cut up veggies and fruit.  This will make it easier for you to make a healthy choice when you are already hungry.  Making the right choices and preparing snacks ahead of time will help you become healthier.

My friends keep taking embarrassing photos of me on their phones, how do I tell them to stop without them getting mad at me?
Dear Embarrassed,
Tell them in a nice way that you don’t like to have your photo taken when you are not expecting it.  If they seem angry after you have asked them to not take your photo, then maybe you could ask them, “How would you like it if someone took a bad picture of you?” They probably wouldn't like it very much. Nicely remind them that you also have feelings and that you don’t like to be embarrassed. . If they still continue to take embarrassing pictures after you have ask them to stop, reach out to an adult.  An adult will be able to help, and a phone call to their parents might be the only solution.   If they still continue, you may need to separate yourself from them for awhile.  
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I feel sad. What should I do?
Dear Down in the Dumps,
If you feel you are sad, try figuring out what the cause is, maybe you can fix it. By noticing how you feel, and why you feel this way, you can often help yourself. Another thing you can do to help yourself is think positive thoughts. If you do this, it will make the situation seem better even if you're sad. Try thinking one or two good things about yourself or the situation.  This positive thinking can really change your perception and make you feel better.  If you feel that the problem is too big for you to handle on your own, it might be a good idea to ask for some support.  Having support from a trusted friend or adult can help you reason through your feelings. If the sad feeling you have is lasting, won’t go away,  and is preventing you from doing the things you enjoy most in life, then you should seek professional help.  It might be something more, like depression.  Please click here for more information about depression.

I spend too much money at Sephora/Ulta how do I simmer down?
Dear Beauty Guru,
In my experience, all my money goes to this. So, I’ll do my best to give you some advice. Limit yourself, even maybe make a list. What do you absolutely need, and what is something you want. There is a difference; what you need, you can get. What you want you can wait until you have some extra money. Also do not wear makeup to impress other people. Wear it if it makes you happy, but you also need to be happy with the appearance you were blessed with.
I just told a giant lie, how do I tell the truth without getting in trouble/ hurting anyone?
Dear Liar Liar,
Unfortunately, it's not likely you'll get away without hurting someone. People don't like being lied to and the reaction really depends on who it is. But the best way to get it off your chest is to just say it and explain why exactly you lied. Again, you can't control how they react, but ending the lie sooner is better than later. Just remember that if you waited to tell the truth, they'd most likely be a lot more mad.
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   If I do a sport and I'm not very good, but my coach focuses mostly on the better athletes, how do I get help so I can get better?
Dear Athlete,
If you want to become better at your sport, talk to your coach before practice for some extra help. He/she might not know you want help so it’s good to ask for it. You might have to stay longer for some one on one but if you’re willing to take the extra mile to get better, then it’s always worth it!. If you really feel like your coach is favoring certain kids, you may need to talk to your parents or a trusted adult and have a chat with him or her.

I've been having a really hard time at home lately. My parents, more so my mom, have been threatening to beat me and hurt me. I don't feel safe at my house anymore and I'm not sure what to do?
Dear Threatened,
If you feel like you can’t stay in your home, stay at a friends house or somewhere else safe. Talk to a trusted adult like a teacher or a guidance counselor. If you don't feel comfortable talking to them, use the hotline 1-800-799-SAFE to talk to someone until you feel comfortable.

I don't ever have time in the morning for breakfast. But by the time I get to school I am super hungry. How can I make sure that I eat in the morning?
Dear Fast-Food Eater,
If you want to eat but you're in a hurry, then your best bet is to get something wicked mobile like a banana or a granola bar. They're not only quick, they're healthy as well (depending on the brand).

What's the perfect time to go to bed on a school night?
Dear Sleep Deprived,
Finding the right time to sleep can be difficult, especially since everyone is different. The best way to help you is to have a routine. I struggle with the right time to go to bed myself so I did some research and I found a website and it’s pretty helpful, here it is!, I hope this helps you with your sleep.
I keep missing the bus; I just can’t seem to get ready in time. How do I fix this?
          Dear Misser,
Getting ready for the bus can be a challenge; if one thing goes wrong, it can all go wrong. One major solution is making a better schedule; by “a better schedule,” I mean improvements in time management, ordering, and maybe just a more structured schedule in general. When you keep on going to brush your teeth at the time when your sister or brother is occupying the bathroom, then you should suggest brushing your teeth at a different time; that may include brushing your teeth after or before you eat breakfast, or just waking up earlier than you usually do to add extra time in your schedule. Sometimes when people are really tired in the morning, they might slow down when they try to get ready; this can always be avoided if you go to sleep earlier, or if you do something that awakens you. Instead of missing the bus all of the time, a new/better schedule would definitely help.
I feel like I watch too much TV and am on the internet for hours everyday. What can I do to stop my viewing obsession?
       Dear Obsessed,
One way to cut down on the internet is to slowly cut out about fifteen to thirty minutes at a time. This may be difficult at first, but find something else like a good book to read or a board game to play to pass the time. If you don't have any of these do some chores, help the community, or just get out from under your rock.
How do I get over a boy?
Dear Broken,
This is a crappy place to be in. Mostly you have to focus on starting to make you and only yourself happy. Once you start being happy again he will slowly deprive from your memory. Yes, he will still be there but you will just laugh at it. Maybe even surround yourself with friends and family. They can bring you joy. So don’t get caught up in this relationship crap, and just live a little.
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I feel I don’t have any friends. I have acne and wear braces so I am very self-conscious and embarrassed. I often watch other boys in my class having fun at school, and wish I could join them. I feel so lonely. What can I do to make friends?
     Dear Friend,
Friends are achieved through short and long processes; being lonely can be awful for some people, and sometimes it's just too hard to make acquaintances. When you see someone that is also lonely or someone who you think you could be friends with, why not try it out? One way to start it out is by talking to them about something that'd interest them; if you don't know what'd interest them, then try introducing yourself and asking them how they are. Being respectful to people shows people how good of a person you are; once you've shown that side of you to them, be careful about changing it a little until you're sure that you two are good friends. If none of this works, then try new people. Finally, remember not to worry about the things that you don't like about yourself; only worry about the acquaintance being a jerk to you about it. I hope this helped somehow; there are always different ways to approach this type of situation.
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