Tuesday, February 14, 2017

5th Annual Freshman Film Festival (Class of 2020)


 Near the end of December, the freshman of Massabesic High School made films to complete the Narratives standard and possibly participate in the 5th Annual Freshman Film Festival. After the films were submitted for a grade, 12 were chosen to enter the festival.
  Film festival first place winner, Keara Galbraith, was very surprised and a bit nervous to have her film chosen. The other participants also looked nervous during the event.
  When asked what they thought of the film production process, many contestants said the process was fun, but not something they would want to do again. Many different topics and genres were covered by the films from comedy to horror to PSA's.
  Student and nominee, Autumn Landry said, “These projects connect with us because it connected with our personalities.”
  The films were very different from each other because of the students that made the films. Filmmakers were allowed to work alone or in groups.
  Breanna Melanson, a member of the second-place winning group, said, “[being in a group] helped blend and bring ideas together to make a great movie.” Not only did grouping bring diversity to individual films, it resulted in a wide range of entertainment for the evening.
  Recognition was given to the top three films based on scores awarded by the judges. Taking first place was Galbraith with her film “Time Stops For No One.” When asked about her win, she said, “I don’t know if shock is the right word, but shock.” The second place film was “Breaking Society Standards” by Breanna Melanson and Candace Lee. Third place went to Alyssa Huff and Emma Swett for the film “Adventures of Clotheslandia.”
  While the winners’ films were good, Mr. Mercier preceded the event with a short speech about how difficult it was for the English teachers to choose films for the event. He said all of the submissions were good, but time constraints meant that not all films could be part of the festival.

From left to right; Breanna Melanson & Candace Lee (Breaking Society Standards, 2nd Place),

Keara Galbraith (Time Stops for No One, 1st Place),
Emma Swett & Alyssa Huff (Adventures of Clotheslandia, 3rd Place).
Filmmakers of the nominated films
1st place film "Time Stops for No One":

2nd place film "Breaking Society Standards":

3rd place film "Adventures of Clotheslandia":

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