Friday, January 6, 2017

Winter Activities!

Article by Sarah Cloutier
Edited by Cameron Goodrich

      If you feel like getting out of your house more, and doing more with your winter this year then this is the article for you. People often stay in more, and don't do as many things during the winter, but there are many possible things to do with your winter that are local and will make this season very enjoyable. Some things can even be free: one example is the ice skating rink on Carl's Corner in Waterboro. You can often see many people of all ages skating. There are also many areas in our community where people go sledding. While some places are free, there are also others that are not. One place you can go sledding is Seacoast Funpark, though this place does cost money. Shawnee peak is another place for sledding.
Carl's Corner Ice Rink in Waterboro, Maine

       Another fun winter activity to take part in at Shawnee peak would be skiing and snowboarding! Sugarloaf Mountain has a deal where if you order your tickets online ahead of time then they are much cheaper than purchasing them day of at the mountain. Many mountains teach how to ski, but according to The Boston Globe, one of the best places to learn to ski in Maine is Sunday River. One good beginner Mountain around here his King Pine. While these are all downhill skiing options, another type of skiing is cross country skiing. A good place for that is Harris Farms Cross Country Ski Center Trails.
Shawnee Peak and its many ski trails
      There are many other good things to do besides ski, one of which is snowshoeing. There are many snowshoeing trails around our area. Three of these are The Scarborough Marsh Trail, North Meadow Trail, and Gilsland Farm Trail. Scarborough Marsh Trail is 4 miles, the North Meadow Trail is 1.2 mile, and Gilsland Farm Trail is 1.5 miles. So instead of staying inside all winter, try going out and taking part in one of these fun activities!

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