Friday, January 6, 2017

Upcoming Festivals!

Written by Dezirae Givens
Edited by Cameron Goodrich

 Tired of being in the house all the time? Why not come out and enjoy some winter fun! There are many festivals to come during the months of January and February! Some of the many are the Winterkids, Scarborough Winterfest, and the Biddeford Winterfest. This is a good way to have a good time with friends and family during the cold winter season.
    Come join the fun at the Winterkids festival Saturday, January 21, 2017. This event will be held in Portland at Payson Park from 12:30 to 2:30 pm. There will be all sorts of events, such as sledding, snowshoeing and skating! There will also be raffles and giveaways so don't miss out!
    Get out of the house and come have a blast at the Scarborough Winterfest February 13th from 1 to 5:30 pm. So many exciting events will be waiting for you. Events like an ice cube hunt, a snow sculpture contest and milk jug curling but that's not all! There will be ice skating, wagon rides and more. Bring your family and compete to be crowned the Royal family. So if you're looking to have a fun time, this is the place to be.
    What better fun than the Biddeford Winterfest February 12th to February 14th, 2017? This will be held in various locations in Biddeford. There will be sledding, sleigh rides, snow golf, a marshmallow catapult and so much more! You should really check it out.
   These are a few of the many upcoming festivals, if you need more information or want to know about the rest of the festivals visit this website: I hope you get the chance to go to some of these fun filled events!

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