Friday, January 6, 2017

The Freshman Film Festival

Article By Amber Arsenault and Kassidy Lang
Media by Ashley Davis
Edited by Colby Cole
     The Freshmen Film Festival is an activity the freshman class works on to show creativity and earn a good grade. The students have about three weeks to plan, make and edit their films. The grade is given to everybody for doing the project but to be considered for the Film Festival you must pass in your Film before or by the exact due date. You get a choice to work in groups or by yourself. Many students’ films have been entered over the years to compete in the Film Festival and some of these selected films have been awarded prizes. 

    This year will be the fifth annual Freshman Film Festival. In honor of this year being the fifth annual year, we conducted interviews with some of the winners from previous years. We asked them: 
Where did you come up with the idea for your film? 
Was your process complicated or easy for your film?
Did you find this project fun? 
What was it like to win the Film Festival?
What is some advice you would give to freshman working on this project? 

Juniors: Dan Bolender and Sam Fogilo. “Porcugeist.”

     “We came up with the idea because we found the porcupine in Mr. Mercier’s class. We had him as our advisor so we had a lot of extra time to spend with this cute little guy. We watched a video called, 'Marcel the Shell with shoes on,' which was our inspiration. The process wasn't too complicated once we got our ideas down on paper. This project was very fun because we could be creative and express our humor, unlike other types of assessments. We were nervous and anxious when the winners were being called. The third place winner was called first, then the second, so we realized that we either won the Film Festival or didn't place. Once we were called, our immediate reaction was to grab the porcupine, because he was the real star. It was a great feeling and sense of accomplishment. Some advice we’d give would be to use the class time given to you-although we didn't do that very well- but more importantly be brave enough to be different and be creative with your movie.”

Sophomores: Zachary Baker and Zackery Smith. “Flip-Flopocalypse.”
     “When Zach Braker and myself came up with this idea we just picked a goofy central idea and worked off of it. We really didn't plan it out too much and I have no idea where we came up with the random flip flop theme. It was lots of fun because it was my friend and I was goofing around for a grade and our story left a lot of wiggle room. We didn't have a hard time and if we screwed something up or didn't like something we just did a reshoot. My personal advice would be to use different techniques with your filming to make your movie as smooth as you can. Cut out extra footage and remember to keep the movie on task for the most part. Music is a big deal as well. Good luck!” 

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