Friday, January 6, 2017

The Amnesty Club

Article by Alexia Schultz and Sophia Albert
Edited by Colby Cole

        There are many clubs in MHS, including Culture Club, the LGBTQ+ group, and many others. A lesser known one it seems is the Amnesty club. Amnesty means, "an official pardon for people who have been convicted of political offenses.” This group is an advocate for human rights. They fight for every human's rights. No matter skin color, age, gender, or any other factors that people try to divide people by. A couple things they are fighting for are the safe evacuation of Aleppo's people and refugees' right.

        The club itself is like a subgroup to Amnesty International. They have written letters to all the major Amnesty groups about the hunting of Albino people for the use in witchcraft.
        We interviewed the leader of this club at MHS, Mrs. Willard, and asked her a series of questions. One of these questions was “What inspired you to make this group in MHS?” To which she answered that she thought the group did a lot good things around the world and her 2 sons were also once in the group. When asked whether or not she thought the group made an impact, she had a passionate response of, “It raises awareness of human rights in the student body, we have even written letters to prisoners who were wrongfully detained.” Later those same prisoners were released so she likes to think they helped. The third and final question was “Are you planning any trips and is there anything you'd like us to include in the article?” She said that the group meets on the first and third Monday of every month. During these meetings they have planned to go to New York in April to join in a protest with many other Amnesty clubs from all over the northeast.

To learn more about this club email Mrs.Willard at

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