Friday, January 6, 2017

National Honor Society Spotlight

Article by Benjamin Levesque
edited by Parker Jalbert

The National Honor Society is a nationwide school honor organization built upon foundations which merit themselves as the basis for exemplary students. By supporting those who exhibit leadership in their community and school, by bolstering the efforts of their service to others around them, and by recognizing them for their outstanding pursuits in academics, the Society offers juniors and seniors the opportunity to reach their full potential.

In Massabesic High School, the National Honor Society is lead by President Grady Connelly (Senior) and Vice President Leah Ryan (Junior), whom I spoke with to gather information on the organization.

Leah Ryan (left), Grady Connelly (right), during our interview on the National Honor Society. The interview was conducted on December 20, 2016, and a full video and typed transcript can be found at the end of the article. 
After describing the National Honor Society’s primary goals (bolstering each member’s skills as a leader and as a student, and providing them with the resources to continue their growth), I asked them what they felt its impact was on their careers as students as well as in their personal life.
Grady cited its ability to join people of common interests, “seeing those goals and having those conversations” about serving others and improving upon oneself, was its biggest effect on his life. He describes the Society in his own words as a great opportunity for those who share the common goal of “wanting to do a good job in [their] lives,” allowing them to pursue their aspirations now and in future because of those relations.

Leah found its most prominent effects within her sphere of knowledge, stating that the National Honor Society gave her the ability to volunteer within her community. She notes how “seeing the difference in the community you can make” has inspired her, making her want to continue her service to others and to continue looking for different ways to enact her desire to help any way she can.

National Honor Society members on the final day of the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital Toy Drive. The drive was very successful, raising more than three hundred dollars in donations and receiving many toys to go to the children at the hospital. Grady and Leah can be seen in the middle of the front row.

As a final question, I asked Grady what he would say to an eligible student who wasn’t quite sure on the decision to join. His best advice would be for currently ineligible students (freshmen and sophomores), to evaluate themselves as a student. He says by looking at the National Honor Society as a destination to be reached junior year, a student can make their best efforts now to work on meeting the guidelines of the Society. He believes that each person has a part to play in the National Honor Society, “whether they’re really strong at academics, or really strong in serving others” by the time a student reaches their junior year, they’ll have the knowledge and insight that they need to make the decision on whether it’s for them.

The National Honor Society is an amazing program within Massabesic High School that highlights hard work and service to others as its founding points, below are the eligibility guidelines:

Scholarship: A student must maintain a 88 grade-point-average or higher by their junior or senior year.

Service: A student must have at least 25 hours of documented community service for a non-profit organization in the office with guidance. Students must be actively seeking opportunities to serve in their community.

Leadership: A student must show efforts of being a leader within their community, school (student council or otherwise), or local programs (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Rotary Club, etc.).

Character: A student must show that they have the willingness to participate and work with the National Honor Society and its members, in addition to having a productive and positive attitude. This is considered per applicant.

If you are eligible for the National Honor Society, per the guidelines above, you will receive a notice your junior or senior year that will notify you of this opportunity.

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  1. So happy to see Massabesic NHS doing so well and getting the word out about it!