Monday, January 23, 2017

Literary Corner

  Literary Corner
By: Breanna Melanson & Candace Lee
Edited by: Avery Bolduc.

        This semester, Mrs. Chamoff’s honors English class has been reading stories by a renowned author- Edgar Allen Poe. Poe was an American author born in 1809. He had many hardships during his childhood, such as being an orphan, having financial problems, and struggling to earn his adopted father’s approval. After being expelled from the military and dropping out of college, Poe decided that he wanted to write for a living. All of those negative experiences contributed to Poe's writing style, allowing him to turn out tales of guilt, madness, and death. He wrote several well known short stories and poems including “The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Raven.” His dark themes were definitely deriving from his life. Centuries after his death in 1849, schools around the United States still read the pieces written by the late author. He has left an imprint on today's forms of literature.
Here are some of the poems and short stories, kids wrote based on Poe:

“I walked through the door more bloody than before. It was after a long night that caused me to detour. I walked down the pitch black street looking for something better than ever before. The voices in my head were telling me there, no there, no there was my ideal than ever before. I saw her walking to her door when the voices in my head were telling me to jump her. “ Do it you need to do it. You better do it.” I got scared of the voices so I decided to jump her well she was at her door. I dragged her to the basement door. I brought her down and tied her by the back door. There was a line of blood. I sat her against the wall, she was passed out. I made sure to tie her feet, I wouldn't make that mistake again, last time the voices in my head got real mad. I rummaged through the boxes in the basement. I found a wrench. “ Ohh that's my favorite tool” the voices in my head goes. “ Now walk over to here and tie her up on the chair.” I walked over to her and she was still passed out. I picked her up and dragged her to the chair that was stuck to the floor. I went to pick up the wrench but I just dropped it. “ WHAT ARE YOU DOING PICK THAT UP AND HIT HER.” The voices in my head screamed. I quickly picked it up and hit her in the head. I picked my hand up and there was blood all over it. She was dead. The voices in my head were finally calm and were happy, but I wasn't. I walked home that night with blood all over my hands but that voices in my head wanted more “Another one, I need another one.” I couldn't take it anymore. I walked into my closet grabbed the gun and sat  on my bed.  Pop.” ~ Cameryn Stewart

“Once upon a time
In the darkest of hours
There was a sound, a  clanging, a banging-
A sound so terrifying

As I sit here now, alone, remembering, reliving, replaying
Those dark hours, that dark place-
That horrifying place-
With the sound so terrifying

The screeching, the clawing, the howling, the misery-
It's all coming back to me now
That horrifying place-
With the sound so terrifying

The darkness, the shadows, the moonlight, the color red-
All of it is coming back now
That horrifying place-
With the sound so terrifying

The chains, the ropes
The clanging, the banging
The sound so terrifying-
Coming from that horrible place

A wolf howls, I remember, I remember that night
I will always remember
That horrifying place-
With the sound so terrifying

An owl screeches, a warning
Run away, run far away-
Away from the memories, away from the pain of this horrifying place
With the sound so terrifying

I sit here now, in this horrifying place, there's a scratching at the door
A banging, a clawing
I shudder to think of what it could be
I quiver when I realize I already know” ~ Jakob Verville

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