Friday, January 6, 2017

Hunger Around the World and How to Prevent It

By: Alyssa Huff and Emma Swett
Edited by Jeffrey Fosgate

  All around the world, food insecurity is a major issue. By definition, food insecurity is the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. Around the world, there are more than 870 million people who are going hungry. Locally, you probably know someone who is currently suffering with an insufficient supply of food, and this is too much of an issue to everyone around the world to just leave alone and let others handle it by themselves. The truth about that is that they can't handle it on their own. Even though we have issues with food all around us, we should find out more about countries around the world that are in a tougher position than we are, so we can learn ways to help them. So here are the top five countries that are struggling with access to a sufficient amount of food.

   At number five is Sudan with 25% of its population suffering from malnutrition. We could be living without as much food and have lots of people struggling to get food more than they are, but were not as bad as other countries struggles are.
    At number four on the list of countries struggling with sufficient food access is Timor Leste. This country has 38% of its population that are malnourished. Timor Leste has a population of 1 million people and they continue to struggle for independence against Indonesia, which severely damaged the country's infrastructure. With nearly half of the population struggling with this issue, they famously go through what is called ‘hunger season’ between November and March. They call it this due to when old stores run out of crops and new crops haven't been harvested yet.
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At number three is Comoros with 70% of the population malnourished. Like Timor Leste, Comoros sufferers with world hunger due to common issues such as overpopulation, not enough jobs, and past wars that they never recovered from. These countries are making a comeback due to the world's more efficient helping strategies and the donations they receive from people around the world that help them become more stable in their lives, so they can have access to healthy and nutritious amounts of food.
    The second country is Eritrea. Eritrea is an African country with a population of roughly 5.3 million people, and of those 5.3 million people, 65.4% of the population is thought to be malnourished. The farmers who work in Eritrea have seen improvement with agricultural technology but, due to the lack of money, the amount of food being produced is minimal. When the 1998-2000 Eritrean Ethiopian war occurred, around 1 million Eritreans were relocated, and among some of them were farmers. This meant that when they left, the knowledge they knew of agriculture left as well, and the new farmers had to learn themselves.    
    Burundi is a country in Africa with the least amount of food, making them number one for food insecurity. This means that the food supply is too small to support the population. Burundi is able to produce food, but the main issue is that due to such factors as overpopulation, soil erosion, climate change, high food prices, and a currently-erupting civil war, the country needs to import more food than they are able to export out of the country for money to grow their economy, which, as a result, is making their economy diminish. The country has a total of 9.85 million people, 35% of which are jobless, and over 73.4% of which are thought to be malnourished.           

    These countries have all been through different struggles that led them to get to this point and people like us tend to take things we have for granted. This is an issue regarding the world because it just doesn't effect a few places, it happens everywhere, everyday, and we need to notice these things and take action. Whether it's locally, or to countries all around the world, you can do many things to help families who are in need of help with purchasing food. One example would be to figure out where a local shelter is near you, or you could find an organization to donate money to as well. There are endless possibilities that we can do to help others, and if anyone takes time to give a little back this issue could gradually decrease . If you would like to donate money to a food bank, or if you want to find a food bank near you to bring food to, go to the link right after the article. Help make people's lives more healthy and help stop hunger today!

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