Friday, January 6, 2017

Global Warming

Article by Helen Philbrick
Edited by Jeffrey Fosgate 
 Global warming, also known as climate change, is currently a huge issue in our world. By definition, global warming is the slow progressing of heat on the earth. Yes, that’s why some people are worried about the arctic species-- and not just them, for others can die off too. That’s why the ice caps and arctic zones of the earth are getting thinner and smaller. The earth’s heating up, and the snow and ice is melting because of it.
  Why is this happening? It’s happening because we’re putting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The more we use fossil fuels and other things, the more gases we put into the atmosphere.
  How can we stop it? If we even reduce the amount we drive, or how much we heat our house– even turning the temperature down one degree– we can help begin the process to ending climate change. 

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