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Coach of the Year in Maine and Chamber Singers

Coach of the Year in Maine
Written By: Trie Yale and Mia Skowronski
    Edited by: Julia Gregoire
    Congratulations goes out to Coach Michele Martin Moore for her achievement of being named Coach of the Year for field hockey. This season the field hockey team drove themselves to the very edge with them ending up as the Southern Maine Champs. They made it to the finals for States but sadly lost to Skowhegan in the end though they fought their hardest, in the end they just didn't have it. This season the team fought tooth and nail to get every victory and push themselves to the top, with Coach Martin-Moore holding the reigns and pushing the girls to fight their hardest and play their best.

    The season started out with the team losing one of their starting midfielders because of an injury, so it came time to readjust the team line up. Without one of their starters, many teams would have crumbled as they attempt to find a player to bridge the gap, but Coach Martin-Moore could hold her own against the unforeseen event. The school's record this season was remarkable, despite having a number of losses nearing the end of the season, the team pulled themselves together to win the regional championship for the first time ever for our school. Though they did fall to Skowhegan in the Class A state finals, this was a field hockey season that will not be quickly forgotten, and they seem to only be going up from here. Without Coach Martin-Moore these achievements would simply have not been possible with anyone else directing the players on the path to victory.

    When asked Coach Martin-Moore said that she “firmly believes that you can't reach the top without surrounding yourself with high quality individuals who are invested in each other's lives.” That is what she believes happened this season with players that were truly invested in reaching the top along with the assistant coaching staff who happened to be former players for the Massabesic team. The hardworking people who were truly invested in success, Coach Martin-Moore wasn't surprised that they did this well this season. She said that the combination of assistant coaches who were “hard working, caring, and focused on being their best,” along with, “the great bunch of players who refused to let any kind of setback keep them from reaching their goals and that is the recipe for OUR success this season,” and the results seem to agree. Again, congratulations to Coach Martin-Moore and the field hockey team for their success this season and good luck for next year!

Two pictures from the Massabesic field hockey states game 2016.

Below I have conducted an interview with Coach Martin Moore that will answer some questions you might have, and will give you some information on her coaching career.

How long have you been coaching?/ How long have you been coaching at Massabesic?- “I have been coaching field hockey since 1987. When I was doing my student teaching at Oak Hill, I was JV field hockey coach there. I have been coaching field hockey ever since. This is my sixteenth year at Massabesic”.

What sport(s) have you coached?- “I have coached field hockey, soccer, basketball, softball, and swimming. I have coached quite a few! Here at Massabesic: just softball, swim, and field hockey”.

How many times have you gone to states or any major competition?- “Four years ago in 2013 we went as far as the Southwestern State Finials for field hockey, and we lost. That was the furthest I had ever gone with one of my teams. This year we went all the way to states. As an assistant coach when I was at Sandford coaching softball there, we went to the Southwestern Maine Finials a couple of times, but never one of my teams until I came here”.

Have you ever won state's?- “Nope I have not won any States game”.

Some tips to be the best coach you can be- “Know your players. You have got to know who your players are so you can figure out how to get the best out of them. Be compassionate. Consistent. Know who you are as a coach, and don't sway from that. Be true to yourself because kids get it when you are faking it; they can tell. And know your subject; don't just get stuck in the past. You have to keep learning just like athletes keep evolving”.

Thank you to Coach Martin Moore for her time and a HUGE congratulations on being known as coach of the year in Maine!

MHS Chamber Singers Choir

Written by Kayleen Turner
Edited by Julia Gregoire


A great first semester!

The 2016 Winter Concert consisted of the MHS choir and the MHS Chamber Singers. Many who went to this event claimed that it was outstanding! From singing slow songs in Latin such as Ubi Caritas and Locus Iste to the upbeat Tap-Tap in Haitian this concert was one to remember! When asked about the hardest song to learn Katie Dupuis, Olivia Mynahan, and Katie Harper weren’t hesitant to answer Tap-Tap! With it’s upbeat tempo and crazy rhythms it’s hard to not listen to from start to finish!
When asked about what it felt like to be accepted into Chamber Singers Katie Dupuis gave a very interesting answer, “I didn’t really audition for chamber singers; I sang at the coffee house last year in October so the quarter was already 2 quarters of the way through through their semester and I sang a lady gaga song and Ms. G came up to me and said, “Do you sing?”... and that’s how I got into chamber singers.” Katie Harper answered, “I’d been in chorus for all three years previous, and I knew Ms.G. I was only getting more confident in class, so I auditioned and I got in! Mostly because it was because I was comfortable with Ms.G and myself I guess.” Lastly Olivia Mynahan responded with, “I was so sick of chorus.” Blunt, honest, and straight to the point! Way to pull it together everyone!

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