Friday, January 6, 2017

Adopt a Cat~Save A Life

Article by Kaitlyn Weko
Edited by Cameron Goodrich

Contact and location: 
   Long haired, short haired, small or large; you can find any cat that suits your needs at Safe Haven Cat Shelter. The shelter is located by the Wells Public Library at 1420 Post Road and is open between 11am to 4pm from Tuesday to Saturday. You can contact the shelter to learn more about the program at 207-646-1611.  You can also visit the website at Safe Haven Shelter.

About the shelter:
   The shelter is said to not be owned by the people but by the cats that stay in it. Cat lovers all over came together to provide a place for the ever growing population of cats in need. The shelter includes five glass rooms for the lots of kitties looking for loving homes, two intake rooms for either sick or new cats, and much more. The shelter has lovely supporters and volunteers to help maintain and run it.

Ashley is a super sweet cat that is always looking for love and ear scratches. Ashley is currently in a loving foster home until she is spayed and ready for a forever home.

   Safe Haven has plenty of spots for volunteers to fill, from cat room buddies, cleaning, and even fostering! To learn more on how to apply you can call and ask any time they love the help. (Or visit their website)

Wish lists and donations:
  Safe Haven kindly appreciates donations of all kinds from money to tasty kitty treats. The shelter kindly asks if you wish to donate, this is the food and supplies they require: Friskies canned cat food, litter (clumping or non-clumping), cat treats, catnip, flea combs, cat brushes, cat toys, paper towels, bleach, Dawn dishwashing detergent, vinyl gloves, large trash bags, and anything else you think the kitties will enjoy or must have.

Harley was rescued from a car shop around the time the movie Suicide Squad came out, hence the name. She was found hiding in a car bumper and we later found out too she has large scabs and cuts from scratching at fleas. She's a little shy but full of love and energy. She's currently being fostered.

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