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Coach of the Year in Maine and Chamber Singers

Coach of the Year in Maine
Written By: Trie Yale and Mia Skowronski
    Edited by: Julia Gregoire
    Congratulations goes out to Coach Michele Martin Moore for her achievement of being named Coach of the Year for field hockey. This season the field hockey team drove themselves to the very edge with them ending up as the Southern Maine Champs. They made it to the finals for States but sadly lost to Skowhegan in the end though they fought their hardest, in the end they just didn't have it. This season the team fought tooth and nail to get every victory and push themselves to the top, with Coach Martin-Moore holding the reigns and pushing the girls to fight their hardest and play their best.

    The season started out with the team losing one of their starting midfielders because of an injury, so it came time to readjust the team line up. Without one of their starters, many teams would have crumbled as they attempt to find a player to bridge the gap, but Coach Martin-Moore could hold her own against the unforeseen event. The school's record this season was remarkable, despite having a number of losses nearing the end of the season, the team pulled themselves together to win the regional championship for the first time ever for our school. Though they did fall to Skowhegan in the Class A state finals, this was a field hockey season that will not be quickly forgotten, and they seem to only be going up from here. Without Coach Martin-Moore these achievements would simply have not been possible with anyone else directing the players on the path to victory.

    When asked Coach Martin-Moore said that she “firmly believes that you can't reach the top without surrounding yourself with high quality individuals who are invested in each other's lives.” That is what she believes happened this season with players that were truly invested in reaching the top along with the assistant coaching staff who happened to be former players for the Massabesic team. The hardworking people who were truly invested in success, Coach Martin-Moore wasn't surprised that they did this well this season. She said that the combination of assistant coaches who were “hard working, caring, and focused on being their best,” along with, “the great bunch of players who refused to let any kind of setback keep them from reaching their goals and that is the recipe for OUR success this season,” and the results seem to agree. Again, congratulations to Coach Martin-Moore and the field hockey team for their success this season and good luck for next year!

Two pictures from the Massabesic field hockey states game 2016.

Below I have conducted an interview with Coach Martin Moore that will answer some questions you might have, and will give you some information on her coaching career.

How long have you been coaching?/ How long have you been coaching at Massabesic?- “I have been coaching field hockey since 1987. When I was doing my student teaching at Oak Hill, I was JV field hockey coach there. I have been coaching field hockey ever since. This is my sixteenth year at Massabesic”.

What sport(s) have you coached?- “I have coached field hockey, soccer, basketball, softball, and swimming. I have coached quite a few! Here at Massabesic: just softball, swim, and field hockey”.

How many times have you gone to states or any major competition?- “Four years ago in 2013 we went as far as the Southwestern State Finials for field hockey, and we lost. That was the furthest I had ever gone with one of my teams. This year we went all the way to states. As an assistant coach when I was at Sandford coaching softball there, we went to the Southwestern Maine Finials a couple of times, but never one of my teams until I came here”.

Have you ever won state's?- “Nope I have not won any States game”.

Some tips to be the best coach you can be- “Know your players. You have got to know who your players are so you can figure out how to get the best out of them. Be compassionate. Consistent. Know who you are as a coach, and don't sway from that. Be true to yourself because kids get it when you are faking it; they can tell. And know your subject; don't just get stuck in the past. You have to keep learning just like athletes keep evolving”.

Thank you to Coach Martin Moore for her time and a HUGE congratulations on being known as coach of the year in Maine!

MHS Chamber Singers Choir

Written by Kayleen Turner
Edited by Julia Gregoire


A great first semester!

The 2016 Winter Concert consisted of the MHS choir and the MHS Chamber Singers. Many who went to this event claimed that it was outstanding! From singing slow songs in Latin such as Ubi Caritas and Locus Iste to the upbeat Tap-Tap in Haitian this concert was one to remember! When asked about the hardest song to learn Katie Dupuis, Olivia Mynahan, and Katie Harper weren’t hesitant to answer Tap-Tap! With it’s upbeat tempo and crazy rhythms it’s hard to not listen to from start to finish!
When asked about what it felt like to be accepted into Chamber Singers Katie Dupuis gave a very interesting answer, “I didn’t really audition for chamber singers; I sang at the coffee house last year in October so the quarter was already 2 quarters of the way through through their semester and I sang a lady gaga song and Ms. G came up to me and said, “Do you sing?”... and that’s how I got into chamber singers.” Katie Harper answered, “I’d been in chorus for all three years previous, and I knew Ms.G. I was only getting more confident in class, so I auditioned and I got in! Mostly because it was because I was comfortable with Ms.G and myself I guess.” Lastly Olivia Mynahan responded with, “I was so sick of chorus.” Blunt, honest, and straight to the point! Way to pull it together everyone!

Public Speaking Assembly

By Arie Moore
Edited By Bri Bernier

On January 13th, students from Mrs. Chamoff’s public speaking class presented their final projects for the class for the freshman team Cadillac. They had to present the speeches they wrote about what they found most important to them. These Juniors and Seniors worked hard on their final speech of eight speeches total. Ashton Rondels wrote an inspiring speech about how important respect is, while Alex Gile wrote about the importance of keeping up with your work. Many more amazing speeches were presented that day and they all were very well put together and inspirational. 


By Alyssa Paquin
Edited By Guin Cote
13 year-old Shubham Banerjee of Santa Clara, CA, has impacted many families of blind

people and blind people themselves. His invention, Braigo, is an inexpensive, lightweight,

machine that enables blind people to read. It creates Braille, tiny raised bumps in certain

patterns, that a blind person can learn to read. Current Braille printers run an average of $1,200,

but Banerjee’s only costs around $350. The lower price makes reading available to more blind

people than ever.

Version 1.0

The first version of Braigo uses microprocessors and other components that use electricity, like

electric motors, actuators, and sensors. He first created Braigo v1.0 as a 7th grade science fair

project, which he won.

Braigo v1.0

Version 2.0

The second version, according to Banjeree, promises to be “the world's first - cheapest, silent,

IOT enabled and light weight braille printer or embosser using new patent pending technology

along with the Intel's Edison Chip with a development board to bring a consumer oriented braille

printer/embosser to the market” (Wikipedia). He wanted to create a more efficient Braille printer

that was easy to use and affordable.

Banerjee pictured with Braigo v2.0:

Samsung Galaxy S8

By: Allison Blair
Edited by Guin Cote

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will recover Samsung from the problems with their latest release,

which had software problems that caused extensive internal heat and spontaneous combustion.

While not much is known about the phone, it is speculated that it will come with a digital

assistant. This digital assistant is called Viv, and was designed by the same people that

designed Siri. As well as a digital assistant, Samsung is working on a bendable display. Such a

thing has been in the works for years from a plethora of different companies, but the S8 may be

the first time it is actually seen in a smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is scheduled for release in the spring and will most likely look

something like this:
Click Here!

Monday, January 23, 2017


Wrestling 2017
                                               Written by Ben Samson
                                                 Edited by Jake Abbott

     The wrestling team is very young this year but they haven't failed to impress. The team has won around half of their meets this year. One of the best wrestlers is Leo Amabile. He is a senior, he weighs 113 lbs, and he dominates his opponents with his wrestling IQ. The rest of their season looks promising for the team, but there are some tough opponents ahead. The team is hoping to make it to states and win. Massabesic has been known for their wrestling, and has been our best sport for a long time. As of last year we have been rebuilding the team back up to where it is. The future looks very promising for this team. This year’s freshmen are very good and the next few freshmen look very good also.

Jan 28th Port,Deer,Marshwood, @ Mass
Feb 1st Sanford @ Mass
Feb 4th Chev,Mass, @ Sanford
Feb 11th Regionals @ Mass
Feb 18th States @ Camden Hills
Feb 25th New England qualifier @ Marshwood
8am WI / 9am Wrestle 8am WI / 9am Wrestle
5pm WI / 6pm Wrestle
8am WI / 9am Wrestle
6pm – 9pm
8:30am WI / 9:30am Wrestle 8am WI / 9:30am Wrestle
8am WI / 9am Wrestle 5pm WI / 6pm Wrestle 7:30am WI / 9am Wrestle WI 4pm / 5pm Wrestle
5pm WI / 6pm Wrestle
8am WI / 9am Wrestle 5 WI / 6pm Wrestle
9am WI / 10am Wrestle
7:30am WI / 9:30am Wrestle
9am 9am.


Literary Corner

  Literary Corner
By: Breanna Melanson & Candace Lee
Edited by: Avery Bolduc.

        This semester, Mrs. Chamoff’s honors English class has been reading stories by a renowned author- Edgar Allen Poe. Poe was an American author born in 1809. He had many hardships during his childhood, such as being an orphan, having financial problems, and struggling to earn his adopted father’s approval. After being expelled from the military and dropping out of college, Poe decided that he wanted to write for a living. All of those negative experiences contributed to Poe's writing style, allowing him to turn out tales of guilt, madness, and death. He wrote several well known short stories and poems including “The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Raven.” His dark themes were definitely deriving from his life. Centuries after his death in 1849, schools around the United States still read the pieces written by the late author. He has left an imprint on today's forms of literature.
Here are some of the poems and short stories, kids wrote based on Poe:

“I walked through the door more bloody than before. It was after a long night that caused me to detour. I walked down the pitch black street looking for something better than ever before. The voices in my head were telling me there, no there, no there was my ideal than ever before. I saw her walking to her door when the voices in my head were telling me to jump her. “ Do it you need to do it. You better do it.” I got scared of the voices so I decided to jump her well she was at her door. I dragged her to the basement door. I brought her down and tied her by the back door. There was a line of blood. I sat her against the wall, she was passed out. I made sure to tie her feet, I wouldn't make that mistake again, last time the voices in my head got real mad. I rummaged through the boxes in the basement. I found a wrench. “ Ohh that's my favorite tool” the voices in my head goes. “ Now walk over to here and tie her up on the chair.” I walked over to her and she was still passed out. I picked her up and dragged her to the chair that was stuck to the floor. I went to pick up the wrench but I just dropped it. “ WHAT ARE YOU DOING PICK THAT UP AND HIT HER.” The voices in my head screamed. I quickly picked it up and hit her in the head. I picked my hand up and there was blood all over it. She was dead. The voices in my head were finally calm and were happy, but I wasn't. I walked home that night with blood all over my hands but that voices in my head wanted more “Another one, I need another one.” I couldn't take it anymore. I walked into my closet grabbed the gun and sat  on my bed.  Pop.” ~ Cameryn Stewart

“Once upon a time
In the darkest of hours
There was a sound, a  clanging, a banging-
A sound so terrifying

As I sit here now, alone, remembering, reliving, replaying
Those dark hours, that dark place-
That horrifying place-
With the sound so terrifying

The screeching, the clawing, the howling, the misery-
It's all coming back to me now
That horrifying place-
With the sound so terrifying

The darkness, the shadows, the moonlight, the color red-
All of it is coming back now
That horrifying place-
With the sound so terrifying

The chains, the ropes
The clanging, the banging
The sound so terrifying-
Coming from that horrible place

A wolf howls, I remember, I remember that night
I will always remember
That horrifying place-
With the sound so terrifying

An owl screeches, a warning
Run away, run far away-
Away from the memories, away from the pain of this horrifying place
With the sound so terrifying

I sit here now, in this horrifying place, there's a scratching at the door
A banging, a clawing
I shudder to think of what it could be
I quiver when I realize I already know” ~ Jakob Verville

Advice With Bryce

Advice With Bryce
By Anonymous
I can't prioritize.
Dear Prioritizing Person,
Yes you can! All you need to do is make a list. If you write down your priorities, you are much more likely to follow through. If you really can’t decide between two, just pick randomly.  

How do you use Instagram?
Dear Instagrammer,
To be pro Instagrammer follow these steps:
~ Make a cool account name
~ Post random pictures of yourself and friends
~ Add a Tumblr quote with emoji’s
~ Voila! You’re a pro Instagramer.

Why Do We Have School?
Dear Sad About School,
    We have school so we can learn how to do everyday tasks and the basics for most jobs. We also don't learn just what we need for the job we want, just in case we decide to change career paths or can't get a job in the field we want.

How to actually do your homework and schoolwork instead of leaving it to the last minute?
Dear Procrastinator,
    I understand where you’re coming from because, I‘m the same way. To make homework easier to do; I would make a list and plan out your work so you know what you need to work on. For example: plan a day dedicated to your school work, but also put in some time to relax so you don't frustrate yourself. This might take a week to get used to doing, but once you learn what works best for you this should get easier. P.S. don't forget to make it fun!
How to get to Wellness faster?
Dear Beefcake,
Don’t Stop! Not for your friends, not for your dog, not for your mom! Just Walk! If you don’t ever stop, and you walk at a brisk pace, you will get there in plenty of time.

I need advice on how to wrestle a crocodile and how can I tell how much milk is the right amount of milk in my cereal?
Wrestling a croc requires agility. You need to be swift as a coursing river with all the force of a great typhoon. Make sure you research weakness points and hit them hard. For your cereal, you need to make sure you pour your cereal first. Pouring milk first is an insult to your family. Next, you need to make sure you pour the amount of cereal that's right for your bowl. Pouring too much or too little is a rookie mistake, fool. Now, the milk. You need to make sure you pour enough milk so that it's not covering the top of your cereal, but enough to get it all nice and moist. If you put too much, it'll make the cereal soggy before you get to the bottom.
crocodile yr
animation 80s commercial 1983 cereal
How do I make my girlfriend wrong, she's always right
Dear Jealous,
The best way to prove your girlfriend wrong is to provide evidence to your argument. Most of the time, people lose arguments because they can't really prove their argument. But you shouldn't be focused on winning arguments, so should be focused on working them out together. Also, chances are you're probably wrong anyways.

How do I stay organized in high school?
Dear Unorganized,
Make a folder for each class and keep all the stuff for that one class in that folder. Take out everything not needed for that class. Make one side homework and the other side other things needed like notes or other activities done in class. This takes up less room than binders and does the same.

My best friend has bad breath.  How do I tell him that his breath is smells bad without hurting his feelings or making him feel self conscious?

Dear Not So Fresh,
Telling a friend that they have bad breath can be an awkward and difficult thing to do. It can be difficult to know how to approach the subject without hurting their feelings, but you also want to be honest and help them out. Whether or not they are aware of their problematic odor, there are kind ways to let someone know that they have bad breath.  One way to hint at the breath problem is to act as if you have the problem yourself. For example, “Do you have a mint?  I feel that my breath is bad.”  This is a great way to bring up the topic of bad breath to someone because it is a subliminal way to make them think about their own breath.  If you offer someone a breath mint and they turn it down, it’s perfectly acceptable to suggest with a kind, “I think you should.”
At school I always hear students talking badly about others.  Many of my friends do this.  How can I ask them to stop talking badly about others without them getting mad at me?
Dear Listener,
If you don’t like what your friends are saying, just tell them, be honest. Tell your friends that talking badly about others bothers you. If they get mad, they aren’t friends that you should spend time with. You need to do what you feel is right. It maybe helpful to model positive words as much as possible. For instance, if you are talking about a classmate, say nice things to be an example for others. Most often if you are talking nicely about others the conversation won't end up in gossip.  Additionally, when your friends start talking badly about others, change the conversation topic. They will hopefully get the message that you want no part of their poor behavior.  Good luck!

I want to be cool and fit in at school, but I am very quiet and shy.  I don't like to play sports and many of the popular students play sports. I want to be included when others are having parties and gatherings, but I always seem to be left out.  How can I get more friends?  
Dear Lonely,
If you feel like you have no friends, try to join a club!  You don't necessarily need to have a lot of common interests with people in order to make friends with them. School often has many clubs and organizations that you can join, but don’t limit yourself just to school. There are many community organizations and events that might be of interest to you, or you could try something new.  You could also make friends by volunteering.  People will see that you are a giving and generous person, the type of friend that everyone wants.  One of the quickest ways to make a friend is to pay a compliment or smile.  Don’t worry about being cool, it is more important to have friends that are kind and supportive, in no time the invites will come.

Train Derailment in India

Train Derailment in India

By Cameryn Stewart

On Saturday night, January 21, a train derailed in Southern India killing at least 36

passengers and injuring 50 others. The night train derailed on its giant but poorly managed rail

network. According to Chandralekha Mukherji, divisional railway mannager, stated that seven

coaches of the Hirakhand Express were thrown off the tracks late at night. The train was

navigating between Jagdalpur, in Chhattisgarh state, and Bhuvanesawar, in Orissa. Many

rescuers tried to cut open the mangled coaches on Sunday morning near the Kuneru railway

station, in the Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh state.

Officials are investigating on whether Maoist rebels had tampered with the rails, after the

Jagdalpur-Bhubaneswar express derailed with 8 coaches and the engine at around 11:00 pm.

There is a possible sabotage of the tracks by the Maoist rebels who are active in that area,

according to Anil Kumar Saxena. “There is some suspicion [of sabotage] because two other

trains had crossed over smoothly using the same tracks earlier in the night.” The police in

Odisha dismissed any involvement by Maoist rebels, also known as Naxals, in the derailment.

India’s railway system is the world’s third largest but is severely hampered by a lack of

modern signalling and communication systems. There is also poor maintenance of tracks and

equipment. Manual signalling is still used in several places, raising the risk of human error. 146

people were killed when a packed passenger train derailed near the town of Kanpur, in Uttar

Pradesh during November. It was the deadliest rail accident in the country in five years. A

government report in 2012 stated that about 15,000 people are killed each year in train

accidents. The worst accident was in 1981, when a train fell into the Bagmati River in northern

India, killing nearly 800 people. The railway is used by about 23 million passengers a day.

India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, pledged to invest 137 billion dollars over the next five

years to modernize the railway network.

A message on Sunday sent by Modi on Twitter expressed his condolences for all of those

who were killed in the latest accident. He also said that the railway ministry was monitoring the

situation very closely to figure out what happened.

Relatable Posts

Relatable Posts
By Emily Morin
From the beginning of the day to the end, we all have those daily problems that we always go through. At school and at home everybody has something they deal with or has a difficulty that can put a damper in your day or can make it better. These pictures show how everyone is feeling at most parts of your day and describes most teenagers lives. What most people call relatable posts.

Boys and Girls Basketball

  Boys and Girls Basketball
                                                Written by Jocelyn Jaro
                                                  Edited by Jake Abbott

With about half of the season left, the girls varsity basketball team’s season is taking a turn for the better. Friday night they defeated Sanford with a score of 37-32. The game before that on 1/16 the girls defeated Biddeford 48-24. Everyday after school the girls and their coaches put in hard work to improve and keep bringing home the wins. Come support them at their next home game on 1/24 at 6pm!
    The boys varsity is also having a slow start to their season. Friday 1/20, the boys had a tough loss to Deering with a final score of 79-50. They too are after school putting in the work to hopefully end the season on a better note. Friday 1/24 come support the boys at home 7pm as they play Bonny Eagle!

Two Winter Happenings


 Written by Ashley Day
Edited by Bri Bernier

The Alfred-Lyman Little League is hosting the 2017 annual little league sign ups. They will be held February 6 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm at the Alfred Library. There will be a second sign up date February 8 & 15 from 6:00pm to 7:00pm at the Lyman Library. Anyone who wants their son or daughter to play softball, baseball, and even tee-ball can sign up in person on these dates or they can sign up online on their website, The registration deadline is March 1st so sign up as soon as you can.

Looking for a fun place to just hangout with friends and family? The Harold Alfond Forum open skate at UNE (University of New England) is a great place to consider. All sessions are open to the public, $3 for children (under 18 years old) or $5 for adults (18 years or older to skate). Don't have skates? Rent them! It's only $3 for rental skates, but only limited number of skates are available. Don't want to skate? Just sit on the bleachers and watch, and if that's too cold, you could even go upstairs and watch from the glass windows. Next time you're looking for something to do, go skating at UNE, 11 Hills Beach Rd., Biddeford Maine.