Monday, December 19, 2016

Wrestling and Cheering

By Ben Samson  
Edited By Mia Skowronski

Seasoned cheerleader Alyssa Paquin sat down with us and let us ask her questions about winter cheering. Why did Alyssa get into cheering? “I started because my mom used to do it.” What is her favorite part of the team? “ My favorite part about the team is that everyone is experienced and nice.”  How long has she done the sport? “ I have done cheer for 4 years.”  Does she recommend cheering to people who might want to try it?” Alyssa said “ I do recommend it but it is hard when you first start.” Does she have advice to anyone who wants to try it? She said that “ The more you practice, the better you will become and don't give up, practice in your own time and it will help you stand out.” Are there any goals for the team? She said, “I think we can make it to states with hard work and effort.”
        I also interviewed Ryan St. Laurent who is on the wrestling team. I asked him a few questions about the team and why he does it. I asked why he got into the sport. He said, “I got into the sport from the twenty people that told me to do it and I wasn't very good at basketball.” Next, I asked him how long he has been doing the sport. His response was, “I've done it for two years.” Then I asked him his favorite thing about the team. He answered with, “My favorite thing about the team is traveling with the team to different states.” Finally, I asked Ryan how many meets he thinks they will win. He answered, “Not many because we are a very young team.”
        I interviewed both Alyssa Paquin and Ryan St. Laurent and they both had similar views on their seasons. Ryan had some negative comments but he was mostly optimistic about the season. Alyssa was very optimistic about it and believes states are achievable for them this year.
Saturday January 7t h   MCCA Showcase Location: Morse HS Time: 11:00am
Saturday January 14t h     SMAA ‘s  Location: Deering HS
Time: 9:00am
Saturday January 28t h    Regionals Location: Augusta Time: TBD
Saturday February 4t h.   Cheers from the Heart Location: Biddeford HS Time: 3:00pm
Saturday February 11t h.  States Location: August Time: TBD
Saturday February 18th  Scarborough Invitational Location: Scarborough HS Time TBD
MHS Wrestling Schedule 2016-17

Nov 7th Alpha weight date
Nov 21st 1st practice
Dec 3 Oxford Hills duals Preseason
Dec 10th Mass @ Athens PA
Dec 14th Noble @ Mass
Dec 17th Mass @ Concord NH
Dec 21st Youth night under the light
Dec 27th Mass Wind,@ BE
Dec 29th and 30th Noble Inv
Jan 4th Biddeford @ Mass
Jan 6th & 7th Spartan Tournament (Sanford)
Jan 11th Mass @ Kenn
Jan 13th & 14th Mass @ Essex VT
Jan 18th Mass @ Scar
Jan 21st Mass @ Merrimack High School Team Duel Jan 25th Noble, Mass, @ West
Jan 28th Port,Deer,Marshwood, @ Mass
Feb 1st Sanford @ Mass
Feb 4th Chev,Mass, @ Sanford
Feb 11th Regionals @ Mass
Feb 18th States @ Camden Hills
Feb 25th New England qualifier @ Marshwood
8am WI / 9am Wrestle 8am WI / 9am Wrestle
5pm WI / 6pm Wrestle
8am WI / 9am Wrestle
6pm – 9pm
8:30am WI / 9:30am Wrestle 8am WI / 9:30am Wrestle
8am WI / 9am Wrestle 5pm WI / 6pm Wrestle 7:30am WI / 9am Wrestle WI 4pm / 5pm Wrestle
5pm WI / 6pm Wrestle
8am WI / 9am Wrestle 5 WI / 6pm Wrestle
9am WI / 10am Wrestle
7:30am WI / 9:30am Wrestle
9am 9am.
MMS Gym Dates
12/14 Wednesday 12/21 Wednesday 1 / 4 Wednesday 1/28 Saturday 2/1 Wednesday 2/11 Saturday

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