Friday, December 2, 2016

Thanksgiving Plans

article by Lizzie Torrey and Alexis Steffins
edited by Helen Philbrick

We interviewed teachers/staff and students about what they did over Thanksgiving break. Some relaxed while others traveled and visited family. Some celebrated Thanksgiving the traditional way with turkey and family while others celebrated a little out of the box.

Señor Jandreau, a Spanish teacher, had a pretty packed vacation. “My wife Jamie and I went to Quebec City. I also bought some new school clothes. There is a place that makes crepes, you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner crepes. I usually get banana and honey crepes. We really just ate crepes and went school shopping.”

Mrs. Buckley, an English teacher, said she didn't do anything really interesting, but if you asked me it sounded pretty funny. “I didn't do anything interesting, I visited my 92-year-old grandfather on his farm. My cousins from Australia came down and I showed them what's Thanksgiving here in the U.S.. Things are so much different in Australia, they don't have things like s'mores and bonfires there, etc.”

Abby Stonehouse, a freshman, had a relaxing Thanksgiving. “I ate Thanksgiving dinner with my family.”

Brielle Stubbs, another freshman, had a pretty casual Thanksgiving. “I slept, then ate food with my family, I also watched the Macy's Thanksgiving parade.”

Mrs. Schreinemachers, the office administrative assistant, had a similar Thanksgiving to Señor Jandreau. “The day before Thanksgiving, I had Thanksgiving with my parents. Then on Thanksgiving morning, my husband and I drove to Quebec City.”

Keara Galbraith, a freshman, went to a special occasion with her family. “I went to a wedding in Boston for Thanksgiving.”

Freshman, Brian Hill had a family filled Thanksgiving. “I went to see my whole family in Westbrook, eat, and then drove home.”

Kwinton Biener, a freshman, had a Thanksgiving packed with fun. “My grandmommy, cousins, and the rest of my family is came over and we played monopoly and had a dance party.”

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