Monday, December 19, 2016

Teens Making A Difference

By Alyssa Paquin
Edited By Allison Blair

Three sophomore students in Kennebunk, Maine, are making a difference for the local elderly citizens through their music therapy organization: Project Playback. Alzheimer's and dementia have negative impacts on the human brain, and are more common in the elderly. Symptoms of each may include: extreme memory loss, difficulty thinking or understanding, delusion, disorientation, and overall mental decline.  Jason Albaum (15) Juli Ennis (16) and Colby Ellis (16) have, for 3 years, been helping elderly Alzheimer's and dementia patients to bring back good memories from their earlier life by playing certain songs for them. Their contributions have made a positive impact on many elderly men & women’s lives. Recently, U.S. Cellular (through their Holiday Giving program) offered a total of $45,000 in prizes to 4 different youth organizations in our country, including Project Playback. Their organization received supplies to use with the elderly (with their logo on it!), including headphones and bags to carry their gear in. To further recognize the youth causes, U.S. Cellular is allowing the teens and their families to travel to New York, New York on December 22, where they have the privilege to ring a closing bell on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and attract National attention to their local causes. To see more about Project Playback’s organization, watch the video below:

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  1. Great article! Hopefully these students inspire other young people! The elderly are, in many cases,forgotten.