Monday, December 19, 2016

School Stress

School Life
December 8th, 2016

School Stress and the Effects

By Kayleen Turner  

Edited By Emily Morin

Studies show...

Studies show that stress is a monstrous health concern for students from grades 9 to 12. Serious stress can also cause depression. Students who experience serious stress due to things such as grades, social life, and family are more likely to have depression.
During my interview with Katie Harper (senior) the question was asked “On a scale from one to ten how stressed are you?” She responded with “Literally so stressed. Like fifteen, twenty. Around that.” This interview shows that even for people who “have it easy”(only has a few classes) can still be stressed.
Personally I have experienced stress. Not just the “awe man I’m going to be late for that party” stress. More like a “the stress bus just ran me over” type. That feeling of stress where it gets to the point that you give up on what you’re doing. Learning about stress is very important, try discussing it with a teacher or a guidance counselor. However stress will come and go, but if you feel that you are getting stressed to an unhealthy point seek help.

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