Monday, December 19, 2016


By Julia Gregoire
Edited By Emily Morin

Honored students of the month of November

  The student recognition program applauds the many different contributions of the students we have at Massabesic high school. These honored students displayed efforts that were beyond what was expected during the month of November. The students are chosen by exceeding the guiding principles by demonstrating the following:
*Intrapersonal skills
*Interpersonal skills
*Application of knowledge
*Respectful environment
These students include:
   Zachary Alcorn, Amber Arsenault, Elijah Baldinelli, Keegan Beardsley-Dow, Paige Blaney, Katreana Bouchard, Lakyn Bourque, Rachel Brooks, Sarah Cloutier, Guinevere Cote, Abigail Darling, Owen Easley, Anna Fitzgerald, Colby Gary, Amie Giles, Noah Harfoush, Jennifer Hiemisch, Emily Kelley, Colby Kennedy, Isabella Lanoie, Ben Levesque, Autumn Littlefield, Ethan Lord, Tucker Lucas, Raishean Markie, Nick Merry, Emily Morin, Elizabeth Nadeau, Alexis Norton, Shelby Patch, Brandyn Pecoraro, Aidan Peters, Helen Philbrick, Carrie Phinney, Alana Poulin, Michelle Radley, Madison Richards, Benjermyn Rohner, Ethan Roy, Taylor Starbird, Samantha Strandberg, Olivia Thomas-Collins, Stella Utgard, Winter Whitten.
  I interviewed Mrs. Chamoff about the decision making process of students of the month. She said, “ It's never an easy task. I really want to make a choice by responsibility, reliability, and a student that overall displays an honor.” Mrs. Chamoff also said, “Being an honored student is an honor”
  After interviewing a few teachers they all concluded that the choice is really hard to make. They said they believe all students are capable of becoming honored students of the month but only those who strive will achieve it.

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