Friday, December 2, 2016

Joining Swim Team

article by Savannah Burke
edited by Keara Galbraith

Many people don't think much of the swim team, some people don't even believe it's a sport.  First, it is most definitely a sport, and second, swimming is one of the top 5 hardest sports to do.  Swimming doesn't just take strength, but it also takes a lot of perseverance and sacrifice.  You may end up basically giving up your social life, maybe you won't, it depends on how much you want to put into this sport.

         I interviewed Sam Burne, the new coach for the Massabesic high school swim team, and asked him about his background, influences, goals and fears in the short term and the last question, “What would you most like to accomplish as a high school swim coach, and do you think you can do it here at Massabesic?”  He answered, “Well, I've been swimming for 17 years, and I swam in college for Bridgewater State University.  I love coaching, and I think I will be a good coach for this team because I have fresh eyes. I don't have any fears for this team right now, and hopefully not in the future. I want to win States, and I want everyone to improve.”  Hopefully everyone on the swim team is just as enthusiastic as our new coach.  I think that his expectations are high, but they are possible if we try.

Our meet schedule for this year:
If anyone wants to join, talk to Coach Burne to see if the rosters are still open, we really need divers because at meets, it gets us the most points.
         Most of all keep swimming!  There is so much technique and power that needs to go into this sport, and if you took a week off of practicing and training, it would affect you for a month.  See you in the pool!

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