Friday, December 2, 2016

Clubs at Massabesic

article by Alyssa Huff and Parker Jalbert
edited by Keara Galbraith

Hi everyone!  I hope you all are having a fantastic school year.  At Massabesic High School we have many different ways of getting involved and being social.  One good way to do that is to join one of our amazing clubs!  We have many clubs at Massabesic, including a few that are quite eager to take in new members.  One club that is quite popular within the school is Culture Club. This club is a place where students can learn about different world cultures and have fun doing it by getting to raise money and travel to places near and far - this year New York and Rome.  I spoke to freshman Savannah Burke, who is in Culture Club, to fill me in on some of the details. The first question was about her past experience with clubs like the Culture Club to which Savannah answered, “I’m pretty sure the only experience [before the MHS Culture Club] I've had is just social studies class.  We didn't exactly have a program at the middle school that I had time for.” This club gives opportunities that most schools don't have at younger levels and you can learn more than you know from your other classes. There is also no experience needed to be in this club it’s just a fun way to learn about other countries and what they do differently. Savannah noted that although the Culture Club has only been active for about a month this year, they have already had meetings and fundraisers so the club seems to be going along smoothly.  In response to a question about her motivation to join the club she noted, “What influenced me to join this club were the activities they do, like going to Europe, New York, and the fundraising they do like holding dances and talent shows...  and of course I get to see my friends. I also learn about culture because you don't get to experience it for yourself if you're just learning about it in class.”  When asked what she hopes to accomplish in this club, her response was, “I think all I really want to do is expand my knowledge of culture, and of course have fun!”  The final question was, “Is the club looking for more members?”  and the reply was,  “... I think everyone should join! It would help raise more money, which means we could do more things. It would be awesome if we got more members.”   After hearing one member’s month long experience with the club, this sounds quite exciting. So if you are interested in travel, and learning the culture in different countries, or different states you've never been to, sign up for Culture Club today!
picture from previous New York trip

    Another club we have at the school is the math team. This club is for people who enjoy doing math and have some skills to do it in a fast manner when they compete against other schools. I caught up with freshman Guinevere Cote, who is on the math team and asked her some questions about it.  First she described her experience with this type of club.   “I've been in educational groups before so I have some experience with working as part of a team to get problems done. In the past I've had competitions but they were usually through the middle or elementary schools. This team goes to different schools and there is a longer and slightly more intimidating process in which the competition is carried out. Other members have had more experience with the math team than I do either because they have been a member in their previous years, they had the teacher who runs the math team or they took the classes that teach most of the subjects we cover. In that sense I guess you could say I'm still a newbie.” When she was questioned on what influenced her to join the math team, her answer was, “Actually my parents told me that I should join. I was only going to be a part of Theater and Culture Club, but my parents stressed their wanting me on the team so I joined.” I asked her what goes on in the club and she answered, “Most of the time all we do is practice. On the day of the actual meet, when we are paired with others in a group we usually have fun talking to each other. Plus, at the meets, we get food and drinks, so that's a bonus.”  Like other academic and sports teams, each team member has their own individual goals.  When asked about her goals, Cote answered, “So far I only have seven points and I’m still behind the older, more experienced members. I hope to improve my score even a little bit each meet.” The math team, even with being a fair sized group, is still interested in taking in new members. So, by the sound of it, this club could help develop your math skills and let you have fun with your friends. If you like math and so do your friends, join the math team today!

   Another club welcoming new members is the Gay Straight Alliance Club. This club is a place where people of either gay or straight orientation can interact and support each other in their own way. I asked a freshman in the club, Isabella Lamontagne five questions about the club and she gave me her answers. The first question asked was, “What is your experience with this type of club?”  She answered, “I didn't really have experience. It didn't really have much to do with the club, but more that I have friends who are bisexual, pansexual, and lesbians and I wanted to support them.” The second question was, “What influenced you to join the club?” Her answer was, “I actually read a book with characters in this type of club and it interested me.”  The third question was, “What fun things do you do in this club?” Her answer was, “We have been trying to come up with ideas to get the club out there to show we support everyone no matter what their sexual orientation is.”  The fourth question was, “What do you plan on accomplishing while being in this club?” Her answer was, “To support the people that are LGBT that need our support against everyone who doesn't believe.” The fifth and final question was, “Do you need more members?” She answered with, “Yes, we are looking for new members. It is a very small club as of right now, we have one sophomore, five or six freshman, and the two teachers.” This club is a great way to support everyone in your community who are different or just like you. This club could also give you a whole new perspective on others around you, and help you understand other people for who they truly are. So, if you have an interest in supporting the whole community around you, join the Gay Straight Alliance Club!

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