Friday, December 2, 2016

Cause and Effect of Dropping Out of High School

article by Kaitlyn Weko

edited by Helen Philbrick

High schools give the opportunity for students to drop out with a parent's consent. Students figure that dropping out can save them time, work, and effort. Believe it or not, dropouts make less than $200,000 over their lifetime, and if you really think about it that's not a lot to live off of. Massabesic High School has an 83% graduation rate leaving only 17% of drop outs. Each year an average of 1.2 million students drop out – that’s 7,000 students per day, or one student every twenty-six seconds.

Causes for dropouts can be one’s academic status. After the third grade you are no longer learning to read, you’re learning from your reading. If students have failed to learn to read correctly or fluently from kindergarten to the third grade, when they get older they're going to struggle. Not all students are great readers past the third grade, but most improve. There are some, though, that just can't grasp it. Not being able to read well will result in the failure of many subjects. It's also not just reading, some students just seem not to care about their academic subjects, which will also end up in dropping out. Also, some causes of dropouts can be because their parents aren't engaged in their student’s learning. Students like the fact that some parents are there to help, but when we remove that, there's a problem. Some parents can't help– some just aren’t there, they may be at work all the time supporting the whole family. As a high schooler, some students drop out because their parents aren't supportive or that they simply can't be there. Some parents are there, but don't have any interests in school since they may have already dropped out or graduated.

Dropout factories are accountable for 50% of dropouts. A high school dropout factory is when a high school has a large rate of students dropping out of the school. The school then gets the name because they can't seem to have more students graduate than dropout. Though some student drop-outs have been able to make a great life for themselves, it does not mean it doesn't come with more effort. All in all, it's just easier to finish school. "11 Facts About High School Dropout Rates.", ND. Web. 1 Dec. 2016.

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