Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bombing Shakes Egypt

By Cameryn Stewart
Edited By Allison Blair

On Monday President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and the citizens of Cairo, Egypt mourned the loss of at least 25 people in the bombing of their cathedral in Cairo. Mr.Sisi alongside Pope Tawadros Ⅱ, the leader of the Coptic church identified a 25 year old man who detonated a suicide vest in the chapel on the grounds of St.Mark’s Christian church, during mass. Mr.Sisi made dramatic efforts to reassure Egypt’s Coptic Christians on monday, a day after the victims of the bombings were buried. 
There has been three bombings in Egypt in the past three days , An explosion at a security checkpoint in Cairo on friday killed 6 police officers, a smaller blast in the northern town of Kafr el-Sheikh later that same day was aimed at police but killed a passing motorcyclist. Mr.Sisi has struggled to contain attacks on Copts in upper Egypt and now a major terrorist bombing in the heart of the egyptian Orthodox church.
 After bombing, protesters formed at the Cathedral gates while shouting insults towards Mr.Sisi government. Pope Tawadros and the Coptic church have been one of Mr.Sisi committed supporters, saying that Mr.Sisi can protect the christians from islamist militants. The protest had become less intense on monday, when Mr.Sisi assured Coptic leaders that the authorities in the case have identified the suspect of being the bomber. Later officials said there were further arrest late on monday but no details were given out. The attack on the cathedral offered alarming proof that Egypt’s Hydra-headed islamist insurgency is now growing in complex and fearless ways.
  No group claimed responsability for the bombing of the cathedral. Mr.Sisi seemed to pin the blame on the muslim Brotherhood even though many of the citizens in Egypt believe it was the work of a saafist group like the Islamist state . Their leader’s name is Mohamed Morsi who was thrown out of his potion as president by the military in 2013. Mr.Sisi stated that the bombing was from forces that “ have spent three years trying to shake us.” the government has issued a fierce control on Brotherhood supporters. of them whom have been jailed.

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