Monday, December 19, 2016

Art at MHS

By Trie Yale
Edited By Emily Morin
Discover the art behind all of the talented students at MHS!
December 8, 2016
Here we have our photos of the week from Mrs. Tompkins Photography class:

Below we have artwork from our 3-D design classes and our foundations of art classes!

Those were projects from our 3-D design classes; here are some from our foundations of art classes!

Art by:

Savannah Wakita
Bryce Anderson
Sophia Lafrance
Alex Rouillard
Jocelyn Harp
Ashley Roy
Emily Stinson
Marissa Thyng
Julia Gregoire
Alex Levesque
Zoe Matthews
Jamie Dunlap
Abigail Clutier
And more (unknown names)

Interview with Mrs. Farr (3-D design teacher):
Why is art important? - “Art is important because it allows people to show their observations about the world in an interesting way. They can use a lot of materials to create art, and use what they think is interesting to them. Use what they need to get their point across. I think art is a lot about observation, so it could be about observing things, just realistic things and get them on canvas or paper as realistically as possible. I think art is also important because it's just all about creative problem solving.”
What is your favorite project you do in your classes? - “One project that I really enjoy doing is my Refuge Project in 3-D design b. In this project, students need to think of a place that is a sanctuary for them; a place where they feel comfortable. They need to think of the important details of that place. Once they think of those qualities that make the place feel comfortable and safe for them, then they need to design this place, and then create it out of primarily wood. The end result is usually pretty interesting.”
What can you say the kids were considering taking 3-D design but aren't sure if they want to or not?- “3-D design is great for students who like to work with their hands. It is not a class where you have to look at something and sculpt it realistically. It's a lot more about creative problem solving and figuring out how to use materials well. If you're somebody who likes to think creatively and to use your hands, it would be a good class for you.”

How have your classes been going so far this year?- “I have five 3-D design classes this year, and they are all at different places. It's interesting how the different students and the different classes have totally different personalities and it really steers the class one way or the other so some of my classes are really creative and have come up with some interesting ideas, others have taken it in a different direction.”


  1. Always nice to see the incredible artwork...we have some very create students here. The charcoal sketches were awesome!

  2. Love the artwork, the first two pictures are mine. It would be more helpful if you put the names of the artists under each picture, so people know who's artwork is who's.