Thursday, December 15, 2016

Advice With Bryce

By Anonymous

What would you do: I have a ton of things to do  before Christmas, how should I prioritize my work? -Frazzled in Lyman

Dear Frazzled in Lyman,
Make a list! Before you start anything make a list of exactly what you need to do, and number it by importance. Then you won’t forget anything!

How do I get a guy to notice me?

Dear Not Noticed,
Before you can get him to notice you, you must be confident in yourself! You need to love yourself before you have the courage to say “Hi.” Once you are confident, introduce yourself. Also, try to find something in common with the person to start a conversation, like a sport you both like. Some deodorant and a toothbrush never hurt either. Be yourself!

I need break up advice. I have been in this relationship way too long and I can’t get out!

Dear Hostage of Love,
Honestly, the best way to breakup with someone is to come out and say it. You don't want to be rude about it, but don’t use the “Compliment Sandwich.” This is when you say nice things like “You’re great,” break up with them, then say more nice things. This method is confusing because you're boosting their self-esteem, then breaking their heart. So, what you should do is tell them you want to breakup, then give them the reasons. I can't tell you how they will respond because that’s totally up to their personality. Good luck!
How do I motivate myself to do homework?
Dear Scholar,
  To motivate yourself to do homework, try to make your homework fun. Make it like a game; if you do a certain amount of homework, reward yourself with some free time. Also, do more work than free time. For example: if you have an hour, do 45 minutes of work and then give yourself 15 minutes of free time. It also doesn't have to be free time, it can be something that you enjoy, or something that would motivate you to work efficiently.

What goes into the school’s food?

Dear Lunch Eater,
What exactly goes into our school’s food is unknown, but there are places that can tell you some of the laws and regulations. The article “Who decides what goes into school lunches?” is a helpful source learn more. Check it out here:

How do I get away with murder and ditch the bodies?

Dear Murderer,
Murder is against the law. I advise you to not kill someone. If you think you are mad enough to kill someone, please call the National Youth Crisis Help Line at 800-448-4663.

What are some easy ways that I can stand up for someone when I feel they are being bullied? I want to help but also am afraid of how I will look.

Dear Bystander,
         Don't worry about how you look as long as you are helping someone from being bullied. Some easy ways to stand up for people being bullied is to tell an adult. Tell the person's parents or a trusted adult. Tell them to tell an adult as well even if they are afraid it will make it worse. Be there for them, and if it really gets out of hand, call the Bullying Help Line at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).


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