Friday, November 4, 2016


Welcome to the site of the Mustang Stampede! This site is monitored by the Massabesic High School Accelerated Freshman group. We will be posting news and information about the school bi-weekly on Fridays.

Our news will be related to 4 areas:
Activities - Here we will create articles related to sports or clubs.
School Life - Here we will create articles related to the goings-on at MHS.
Community - Here we will create articles related to events in the surrounding communities.
National/Global - Here we will create articles looking at issues on at a national or global level, from a student perspective.

The mission statement for The Mustang Stampede is to inspire our readers to be creative, innovative, and successful leaders in the local and global community by providing accurate and relevant content.

If you have questions, comments or feedback regarding the blog, we can be reached at:

The freshman run this blog with the help of advisors Norrie Chamoff and Mark Mercier. If you have questions for them specifically, you can contact them at: