Monday, December 19, 2016

Teens Making A Difference

By Alyssa Paquin
Edited By Allison Blair

Three sophomore students in Kennebunk, Maine, are making a difference for the local elderly citizens through their music therapy organization: Project Playback. Alzheimer's and dementia have negative impacts on the human brain, and are more common in the elderly. Symptoms of each may include: extreme memory loss, difficulty thinking or understanding, delusion, disorientation, and overall mental decline.  Jason Albaum (15) Juli Ennis (16) and Colby Ellis (16) have, for 3 years, been helping elderly Alzheimer's and dementia patients to bring back good memories from their earlier life by playing certain songs for them. Their contributions have made a positive impact on many elderly men & women’s lives. Recently, U.S. Cellular (through their Holiday Giving program) offered a total of $45,000 in prizes to 4 different youth organizations in our country, including Project Playback. Their organization received supplies to use with the elderly (with their logo on it!), including headphones and bags to carry their gear in. To further recognize the youth causes, U.S. Cellular is allowing the teens and their families to travel to New York, New York on December 22, where they have the privilege to ring a closing bell on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and attract National attention to their local causes. To see more about Project Playback’s organization, watch the video below:

New iPhone Prototypes Include a Curved Back, No Home Button

    By Breanna Melanson
Edited By Allison Blair
Apple has been making products for several years. We know devices such as computers, iPods, iPhones, and watches; their lesser known devices include printers and copiers. Ever since the first iPod came out in October of 2000, Apple has quickly started to become a household staple. iPhones, Apple Watches, and iPads have quickly caught on in the past 16 years, and many use the laptops and desktops from the company as well. Over one billion iPhones have been sold since the original release date in July of 2007.
    Every September, consumers look forward to the release of the newest iPhone. From improved technology to better performance, Apple products are constantly changing and improving. 2017 marks the tenth anniversary for the IPhone, and some drastic changes are rumored to be utilized in the new model.
   Apple has released more than ten prototypes of the new phone. One includes an iPhone with a curved back opposed to its normal flat one. The idea rivals Samsung’s Edge’s curved edge screen as well, but Apple told the Wall Street Journal that they would “...submit prototype screens with better resolution than ones from Samsung.”
    Another prototype is said to have a completely different display screen than the former models. According to two employees of the Apple company, in place of the lock screen, the iPhone 8 will have an edge to edge display screen with a built in home button.
    Along with the other ideas, these are simply rumors leaked from the Apple Company. The IPhone 8 is said to have some extreme changes put in place, but none are confirmed. In the future, new information may be released. However, consumers will likely have to wait well into 2017 to see what changes may (or may not) be made to the new generation.
-Breanna Melanson

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Image result for curved iphone rumorsPhoto: MacRumors


Image Source: Marek Weidlich

Holiday Furry Tales

By Bri Bernier
Edited By Maija Jaakkola
There is a Holiday Furry Tales taking place at Animal Welfare Society (AWS) on December 22nd from 10-11:15 AM located at 46 Holland Rd, Kennebunk, ME 04043. They usually hold these events during school but they've decided to add a special session. Kids and families are welcome to come join the fun with some holiday books, songs, games, and playing time with all the animals. The event is free to attend, although they'd love to receive donations.

Pitching Clinic

By Ashley Day
Edited By Maija Jaakkola

The Massabesic High School Mustang Softball program is hosting the annual Mustang Pitching Clinic. The pitching clinic will be going from either 5:30pm to 6:30pm or 7:00pm to 8:00pm and will be in the MHS West gym. The clinic will cost $45 for 6 sessions that will start on January 7, and will be every Saturday night until February 18 (it may go longer if there is rain or snow). If anyone has any questions, they can contact Coach Kevin or Coach Gallo. The pitchers that are attending this event must provide their own catchers.

Little People in the Big City

By Avery Bolduc
Edited By Candace Lee
On December 10, 2016, the Culture Club departed from Biddeford Park and Ride at 6:00am to drive to New York City! Members of the Culture Club, who wished to go to New York were selling cheesecakes from Izzy’s in Portland, Maine. The Culture Club had the biggest sale ever this year! From previous years, the Culture Club was selling pie’s but they didn’t have the “gold” in them like the cheesecakes do, as Mrs. Chamoff had said. They will be spending Saturday overnight into Sunday evening, and will be exploring the Twin Tower memorials, and Time’s Square, as well as other places, too.
After the long, gruesome 6 hour bus ride, the Culture Club finally arrived in New York City. Their first destination was the NBC Studio where Jimmy Fallon’s Saturday Night Live is recorded. They cut through that building to have an awesome lunch (of their own choice) and to complete their bathroom needs.
NBC Studios led to Rockefeller Center with the big Christmas Tree. The Culture Club walked around that area and saw the decorated windows that people from all over come to see during Christmas time. Later, the group got onto the subway and went to Central Park and saw some locations where scenes from the movie, Elf, was filmed. Then, they strolled through Central Park to the Natural History Museum. People from the Culture Club broke off into groups and wandered around the museum from 3:30pm to 5:30pm. They merged again to take the subway outside the museum to Grand Central Station and got dinner there. From dinner, the Culture Club walked to Times Square and shopped from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. At 9:40pm, they all met at the big red stairs in Times Square. Getting back on the bus, they were on their way to the hotel they were staying the night at. Sunday morning, the Culture Club all had their breakfast between 7:00am-8:00am. They left the hotel at 9:00am and rode the bus to Battery Park. Walking around Ground Zero, they went across the street to Brookfield Place and hung out there until 12:00pm. Finally, at 12:16pm, they boarded themselves onto the bus and left The Big Apple to come back to their rural home state.


By Julia Gregoire
Edited By Emily Morin

Honored students of the month of November

  The student recognition program applauds the many different contributions of the students we have at Massabesic high school. These honored students displayed efforts that were beyond what was expected during the month of November. The students are chosen by exceeding the guiding principles by demonstrating the following:
*Intrapersonal skills
*Interpersonal skills
*Application of knowledge
*Respectful environment
These students include:
   Zachary Alcorn, Amber Arsenault, Elijah Baldinelli, Keegan Beardsley-Dow, Paige Blaney, Katreana Bouchard, Lakyn Bourque, Rachel Brooks, Sarah Cloutier, Guinevere Cote, Abigail Darling, Owen Easley, Anna Fitzgerald, Colby Gary, Amie Giles, Noah Harfoush, Jennifer Hiemisch, Emily Kelley, Colby Kennedy, Isabella Lanoie, Ben Levesque, Autumn Littlefield, Ethan Lord, Tucker Lucas, Raishean Markie, Nick Merry, Emily Morin, Elizabeth Nadeau, Alexis Norton, Shelby Patch, Brandyn Pecoraro, Aidan Peters, Helen Philbrick, Carrie Phinney, Alana Poulin, Michelle Radley, Madison Richards, Benjermyn Rohner, Ethan Roy, Taylor Starbird, Samantha Strandberg, Olivia Thomas-Collins, Stella Utgard, Winter Whitten.
  I interviewed Mrs. Chamoff about the decision making process of students of the month. She said, “ It's never an easy task. I really want to make a choice by responsibility, reliability, and a student that overall displays an honor.” Mrs. Chamoff also said, “Being an honored student is an honor”
  After interviewing a few teachers they all concluded that the choice is really hard to make. They said they believe all students are capable of becoming honored students of the month but only those who strive will achieve it.

School Stress

School Life
December 8th, 2016

School Stress and the Effects

By Kayleen Turner  

Edited By Emily Morin

Studies show...

Studies show that stress is a monstrous health concern for students from grades 9 to 12. Serious stress can also cause depression. Students who experience serious stress due to things such as grades, social life, and family are more likely to have depression.
During my interview with Katie Harper (senior) the question was asked “On a scale from one to ten how stressed are you?” She responded with “Literally so stressed. Like fifteen, twenty. Around that.” This interview shows that even for people who “have it easy”(only has a few classes) can still be stressed.
Personally I have experienced stress. Not just the “awe man I’m going to be late for that party” stress. More like a “the stress bus just ran me over” type. That feeling of stress where it gets to the point that you give up on what you’re doing. Learning about stress is very important, try discussing it with a teacher or a guidance counselor. However stress will come and go, but if you feel that you are getting stressed to an unhealthy point seek help.

Art at MHS

By Trie Yale
Edited By Emily Morin
Discover the art behind all of the talented students at MHS!
December 8, 2016
Here we have our photos of the week from Mrs. Tompkins Photography class:

Below we have artwork from our 3-D design classes and our foundations of art classes!

Those were projects from our 3-D design classes; here are some from our foundations of art classes!

Art by:

Savannah Wakita
Bryce Anderson
Sophia Lafrance
Alex Rouillard
Jocelyn Harp
Ashley Roy
Emily Stinson
Marissa Thyng
Julia Gregoire
Alex Levesque
Zoe Matthews
Jamie Dunlap
Abigail Clutier
And more (unknown names)

Interview with Mrs. Farr (3-D design teacher):
Why is art important? - “Art is important because it allows people to show their observations about the world in an interesting way. They can use a lot of materials to create art, and use what they think is interesting to them. Use what they need to get their point across. I think art is a lot about observation, so it could be about observing things, just realistic things and get them on canvas or paper as realistically as possible. I think art is also important because it's just all about creative problem solving.”
What is your favorite project you do in your classes? - “One project that I really enjoy doing is my Refuge Project in 3-D design b. In this project, students need to think of a place that is a sanctuary for them; a place where they feel comfortable. They need to think of the important details of that place. Once they think of those qualities that make the place feel comfortable and safe for them, then they need to design this place, and then create it out of primarily wood. The end result is usually pretty interesting.”
What can you say the kids were considering taking 3-D design but aren't sure if they want to or not?- “3-D design is great for students who like to work with their hands. It is not a class where you have to look at something and sculpt it realistically. It's a lot more about creative problem solving and figuring out how to use materials well. If you're somebody who likes to think creatively and to use your hands, it would be a good class for you.”

How have your classes been going so far this year?- “I have five 3-D design classes this year, and they are all at different places. It's interesting how the different students and the different classes have totally different personalities and it really steers the class one way or the other so some of my classes are really creative and have come up with some interesting ideas, others have taken it in a different direction.”



By Jacob Abbot
Edited By Mia Skowronski

This year, basketball is going to be very interesting. The coaches for the girls team are Coach Ryan and Coach Curtis. The coaches for the boys team are Coach Ouellette, Coach Gahm, and Coach Binette. We interviewed some of the players from the teams to get their opinion on the team and sport.
      Jocelyn Jaro from the girls basketball team sat down with me and I asked her the following questions. These were her answers: “Why'd you join the team?” “I played when I was younger and my friends convinced me to play this year too.”“Favorite thing about the team?” “Everyone is experienced and knows what they're doing. They play well together.”“How long have you been doing the sport?” “Five years.”“What's your opinion on the coach/coaches?” “They make practice a lot of fun and they know a lot about the sport.” “Advice for those trying out?” “Practice before the season and don't get stressed out because everyone feels the same way.” “Why would you recommend the sport?” “Because it's fun.” “Predictions for the season?” “That we will grow as a team and hopefully win some games.” All in all, we will be looking forward to a good season for girls basketball.
     When I sat down with Ben Samson I asked him the following questions, these were his answers: “Why'd you join the team?” “Because I've been played it since I was in second grade.” “Favorite thing about the team?” “The chemistry we have with each other.” “How long have you been doing the sport?” “Eight years.” “What's your opinion on the coach/coaches?” “I think Coach Ouellette is a wicked cool guy and Coach Gahm knows what he's talking about.” “Advice for those trying out?” “Do your best, and if you don't make the team, don't give up.” “Why would you recommend the sport?” “It's good and stuff.” “Predictions for the season?” “I think we're gonna go undefeated.” We will all be looking forward to a very good season in the near future.
     Both girls and boys basketball teams will have great seasons this year. We’re hoping to see a lot of wins on both of the teams records this year. The future for basketball is very bright with all the great players coming up from the middle school. The veterans of the team are helping the younger players learn the ropes and they will work together very well, very soon.

  Boys Basketball Schedule.                            Girls Basketball Schedule
H Biddeford       12/9     4/ 5:30/7                     A MGA                  12/13    4:30 / 6pm
H Marshwood    12/13   4/ 5:30/7                     H Thornton Acad. 12/15    4:30 / 6pm
A Bonny Eagle   12/15   4/ 5:30/7                     A Gorham             12/17    12pm/1:30
A Gorham           12/17   9am/ 10:30am/ 3pm  A  South Portland  12/20    5:30 / 7
A Kennebunk      12/22    3:30/ 5/ 6:30             H Kennebunk       12/22     4:30 / 6pm
H Cheverus         1 / 2      10 / 11:30 / 1            H Marshwood     1/3          4:30 / 6pm
H Sanford            1 / 6   No FT Boys  5:30 / 7   H Deering           1/ 7        10am/11:30
A Marshwood       1 / 10    4 / 5:30 / 7               A Bonny Eagle    1/10       4:30 / 6pm
A Windham           1 / 12   4 / 5:30 / 7               H  Windham        1/12       4:30 / 6pm
A Edward Little     1 / 14    4 / 5:30 / 7               H Edward Little   1/14       10am/11:30
H Thornton Acad. 1 / 16    10 / 11:30 / 1           A Biddeford         1/16       11:30/1pm
H Deering             1 / 20    4 / 5:30 / 7               A Sanford           1/20       5:30 /Varsity follows
H Bonny Eagle     1 / 24    4 / 5:30 / 7               H McAuley         1/25       4:30 / 6pm
A South Portland  1 / 27    4 / 5:30 / 7               H Scarborough  1/27       4:30 / 7pm
H Portland            1 / 31    4 / 5:30 / 7               A Cheverus        1/31       4:30 / 6pm
A Scarborough     2 / 3      4 / 5:30 / 7               A Portland          2/3         5:30 / 7
H Noble                2 / 7      4 / 5:30 / 7               A Noble             2/7          5:30 / 7
A Sanford             2 / 9   No FT Boys  5:30 / 7  H Sanford         2/9          5:30 / 7


Indoor Track and Swim Team

By Jocelyn Jaro
Edited By Mia Skowronski

I sat down with Abby Stonehouse and asked her about her indoor track season. What made you play indoor track? "Well I like to sprint, and it makes me get up and do something other than just sitting down at home all day, and to talk with friends and meet new people."  What's your favorite thing about the team? "We're all encouraging, but being able to get along and have a good time all together, and also the effort we all put in to achieve our goal."  How do you feel about the coaching? "The coaching is really fun.  Encouraging and humorous, but at the same time, we are pushed with hard workouts." Advice for new people who want to play? ”Be ready to be pushed hard on some days, but also be ready to have a good time; and, last thing, you want to have is a positive mind set, and a goal, even if it's small."    
  You can find the dedicated members running the halls after school to stay in shape for their meets. They hope to have a successful season and make improvements overall as a team and personally.
 I sat down with Sammy Dudley and asked her some questions about the swim team. Why did you join the swim team? "I joined the swim team because I don't like running and I did Titans for Sanford before." How long have you played? "For 6 years." Any advice for new members? "Try not to focus on others times. Just focus on your own." What's your favorite thing about the team? "We are all like a family." How do you feel about the coaches? "I like them. They make us work hard."
    The swim team plans on having a successful season and taking home some wins.

Come and support them at any of these dates!
   *all home games are at the Sanford YMCA*.     
12/9 Scarborough-home
12/14 Windham-away 3pm
12/23 Wayneflete-away TBA
12/30 Cheverus-away 5pm
1/6 Yarmouth-home 3:30pm
1/13 Westbrook-home 3:30pm
1/20 Greely-away 5:30pm
1/27 Westbrook-home 3:30 pm
2/3-Thorton Academy-home 4:30pm

                            Indoor Track
    Come support the team at any of these dates!
12/21-4pm Massabesic/BE/SP/Windham
1/5-4pm Massabesic/Gorham/Cheverus/Biddeford
1/14-11:15am Massabesic/MGA/Portland/Westbrook
1/21-11:15am Massabesic/TA/Deering/Scarborough
1/26-6:30pm Massabesic/Marshwood/Noble
2/4-12pm Southwesterns