Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Mountain Lions in California at Risk for Extinction

Recently in California, it has been found that two different mountain lion populations are in danger of going extinct within 50 years. The two mountain lion populations at risk are found in southern California, around the Santa Ana and Santa Monica Mountain areas. They think that this risk of extinction is from all of the wildfires occurring where this animal’s habitat is, and also from the genetic diversity within the population of these lions. The fires happening in California are at record levels this year, causing harm all over, including the mountain lions.

However, researchers believe that the mountain lion population can bounce back. Winston Vickers, a co-worker and veterinarian at the University of California-Davis, says,  “Improving existing highway crossing structures, as well as adding news ones, to allow the animals to move safely from one range to another will help the mountain lion population bounce back.” And this will hopefully help the mountain lion population to get back to what it should be after a while. And even though it might take a while to make these changes, they believe this is the best short-term option for the mountain lions.
Racist Intimidation at KHS
    By: Ellie Salvatore & Chloe Babb

Recent allegations towards Kennebunk High School arose as more people
found out about the apparent disregard of blatant acts of racism against a former teacher, Rosa Slack,
towards her were kept under wraps by the administration. Slack recently revealed that she
was “fearful for her family’s safety” and felt “harassed” as a student said to a school technician
that he wanted to “burn her house down.” This is only one account of the racist acts that were kept
under wraps. During spirit week, on flag day, one student came into Slacks
classroom wearing a confederate flag on his back.

The meeting originally was scheduled to be behind closed doors but was
changed to be public, to discuss the school incidents. This was a good decision
because the community has the right to know about this incident. During the
meeting, Dan Sayre spoke out to say, “We are here tonight because a crisis
was hidden from members of this board and this community.” Everyone was
astonished of the fact that this went on for so long. After the meeting they
came to two conclusions of an act they would take, the first was to have a
subcommittee determine an independent investigation and who would perform
it. The board also asked the administration to provide more information about
the policies. It is not only unfortunate that these acts of racism happened. But
what is more unfortunate is that they were kept hidden as if these acts towards
Slack were not of importance.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

2019 Massabesic Freshman Film Festival

article Brendan Banks
edited by Caitlynn McAllister

    Everyone loves to watch a good movie. They allow people to get together with friends and/or family, whether rain or shine, and immerse themselves in another world filled with characters, stunning visuals, and effects, and (in most cases) an enjoyable and well-thought-out plot. Which is why it was no surprise that the Massabesic High School film festival for 2019 was a great success!
The filmmakers before the screening of their films
     With a total of 13 movies lasting for about an hour and 15 minutes, the directors of their respected films, along with their family and friends, all came in the auditorium on February 2nd and watched each other's movies with intrigue. There were many good movies that were shown off, including but are not limited to, “The Forest,” “My Strange Addiction,” “Masked” and “The Button.” All of the movies had many hours, takes, and overall hard work put into them, just like any other movie.

     After all of the films had concluded and the judges decided the top three winners, the directors, and actors of the film all got together and talked with one another while waiting, even showing the respect and camaraderie between them by giving praise and laughing about the good parts in each of their movies. Then the judges, along with the 3 core freshman team’s language arts teachers (Mr. Bitetti, Mrs. Bucklet, and Mr. Mercier), walked back into the auditorium to announce the winners and reminded everyone that while there could only be a select amount of winners, everyone should feel extremely proud of how their movies came out, which is definitely true. 

     As for the winners, in 3rd place was “Enlightened” by Brendan Banks, 2nd was “Part of Your World” by Grace Fleming and Avery Haskell, and in 1st place was “The Adventures of Chip, Chunk, and Chicco” by Hannah Sampson, Michala Jacobs, and Emily Jacobs. Each of the winners got a trophy (each trophy being bigger than the last) and Amazon gift cards. When asked about their wins, the third place winner responded saying that, “I feel pretty happy about the place I came in,” and told the freshmen for next year to, “Work hard on making sure everything in your movie is coherent and entertaining” as some advice. Both of the second place winners responded saying that they felt “pretty good about the place that we came in,” as well as telling the freshmen for the following year to “Have fun with it” as some advice. The first place team all agreed that they were, “Excited about it, but we didn’t think we were gonna win” and told the freshman for the following year to, “have good time management” as some advice.

3rd and 2nd place finishers (1st place not available for pictures)
     In the end, there were many feelings going through people that night: disappointment, joy, disbelief, and even embarrassment. Yet somehow everyone was still able to come to the consensus that they had a good time, and if the movies for this year were as good as they were, one can only imagine the fascinating movies that will be shown in the following year’s film festival.

Are All Things Disney Disappearing From Netflix?

article by Peyton Smith
edited by Charlee Tucker

     Netflix is the streaming service everyone goes to, to watch the latest movies and television shows, this includes all of Disney’s movies and TV shows. But, in 2017 Disney's CEO, Bob Iger, announced that they would be removing all Disney movies and shows off of other streaming services, including Netflix. With this news, Mr. Iger announced that Disney would be launching a streaming service called Disney+. Disney+ would include all of Disney’s movies, shows, and upcoming entertainment. According to an article from Variety, Disney+ is starting in 2019 to no longer stream new movies and shows on Netflix. This means that new entertainment from Disney coming in 2019, such as the live action Lion King, the live action Dumbo, Toy Story 4, and so much more will not make it to Netflix. These new movies will go straight to Disney+ after in theaters.
Brie Larson as Captain Marvel
     Now, you may be thinking, Disney+ is only going to be for kids so what do I care? Disney entertainment doesn’t just include Disney Princesses like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. Taking all Disney entertainment off of Netflix and moving it to Disney+ includes all things Marvel, Star Wars, and so much more. This includes the upcoming Marvel movie, Captain Marvel. Caitlynn McAllister, a huge Marvel fan, when told about Disney+ and the plans of it, said, “I feel like Disney+ is not a good idea. Netflix already has everything you need, why change that?” She also stated how she likes having everything on one streaming service that she can watch. Netflix includes a lot of original shows and also shows from other stations including the CW and Freeform. Everyone, when asked, said they would not enjoy having to pay for another streaming service just to watch Marvel, Toy Story 4, and so much more of Disney entertainment.

     So, is Disney worth paying for? That is up to you, but according to Thrillist, Bob Iger said that Disney would cost less than Netflix's $8-$14 monthly rates. But is that really enough for someone to switch from their beloved Netflix to Disney+? Disney will find out when Disney+ launches in late 2019.

Ariana Grande Sued

article by Danielle Doty
edited by Charlee Tucker

Ariana Grande music video motion picture
Painting by Vladimir Kush

     In July, of the year 2018, Ariana Grande’s newest hit song/music video ‘God is a Women’ was aired for the world to see. Over time Grande’s song and music video became highly viewed, with over 200 million viewers as of August. But with all these viewers came some unwanted attention, As you can see in the images provided, the horizontal image is Ariana Grande’s picture that played for a little less than a minute in her video and the vertical image is the painting created by famous artist, Vladimir Kush. Kush was outraged with the similarities in these images and filed a lawsuit against Grande using her legal name along with the Universal Music Group, the video director, producer, and production company. Both Grande and Kush's attorneys refused to talk to the Associated Press about the case. This has been the latest lawsuit filed for copyright on Ariana, followed by two others that are known. This means it is not the first time that it has happened and couldn't have been accidentally copyright, without permission.

Spring Sports Start Up

article by Bri Stephenson
edited by Shea Lane

     With winter sports coming to an end, many are excited for spring sports to start up. Whether it be playing or even watching the excitement go down. This includes boys and girls lacrosse, softball, baseball, tennis, and track & field. And as preseason begins to roll around on March 25, each team is preparing for the upcoming season and is confident on what it is about to bring. 

     When asked about the upcoming softball season Grace Tutt, shortstop and pitcher, replied, “I feel that it's going to be a good season. We have a lot of talent coming up, and our offseason hitting sessions have been going really well...This year our team is looking good and I truly believe we will be in the final games.”
Photo of Grace Tutt
     Along with softball, girls lacrosse has also been preparing for the upcoming season, “Strength and conditioning started in September... Team leaders set up two nights a week at XL in March to help prepare,” stated head coach Coach Bowen. When also asked about the upcoming season he replied, “We’ve graduated a huge talented class, but I feel that incoming freshman and sophomores are working hard to fill in gaps. 2019 won't be, pick it up and leave where it was. Construction of something like that will be entirely different. Build it like a house and start from the foundation and work our way up...There is a tough schedule, and I think by end of season will be highly competitive.”

Photo of Skylar Renaud
     As spring sports are right around the corner, many teams have high hopes and are excited about what's coming their way. Good luck to all athletes and teams!

Boys Basketball

article by John Lessard
edited by Shea Lane

Photo taken by Jason Gendron

     Boys’ basketball had an adjustment season as the varsity team went 3-17, JV went 4-16 and the first team went 6-14. The coach had a focus on changing the culture at Massabesic and the perspective of Massabesic as a losing school into a winning school. Under the leadership of a new Varsity coach, Zach Blodgette, Massabesic has been adjusting to the new style of play implemented by the new coaches. All three teams run the same offensive schemes and same defensive philosophy, with the offense having many motion plays and sets, and defense with a help/zone defense.
Photo taken by Jason Gendron

The first half of the season was rough for all 3 teams, but as the season progressed, each team ended up winning more games and they started to get used to the new plays and defensive set. “We got the hang of everything as the season went on, and we got more plays to get more points for everyone,” says Jesse Cadigan, a player for the first team.

Photo taken by Jason Gendron
     As the season comes to an end, the Varsity boys went to playoffs and lost in the first round to Bonny Eagle. The score was 38-46. As the season closed, the team will continue to work hard and improve to come back next season and win more games.