Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Worst Power Outage in Maine History

article by Gabriella Aubut and Zoe Seward
edited by Brianna Mooers

It was late on the night of October 29th, 2017, when the storm struck Maine, lasting until midday on October 30th, 2017. Everyone knew that we’d get a storm that night, and into the morning, but no one would’ve expected what happened. Late that night, rain started to pour in, and wind ripped through the trees. No matter how hard you tried, you could always hear the incredible winds outside of your window, which reached up to 70+ mph that night, and carried on until the morning. Areas in Maine received anywhere from two to four inches of rain in the storm that lasted less than a day.

The storm certainly didn’t start in Maine, but as it made its way North, power outages swept through New England. It resulted in over 1.2 million outages all across New England. About 500,000 Maine residents lost power, which surpasses the Ice Storm of ‘98, which only had about 360,000 Maine residents with a loss of power. Some of the residents lost power for minutes, while others lost power for day, if not, the entire week. York, Cumberland, and Androscoggin were hit the hardest when it came to the loss of power.

Maine only has two power providers, Central Maine Power, and Emera Maine. CMP reported roughly 385,000 consumers who lost their power, due to damaged lines, and Emera Maine reported more than 89,000 consumers who lost power in their homes. This may not include those who have taken the time and invested in a generator.

Since many in the Waterboro area lost power, Massabesic Middle School was opening their doors for a few hours each day to allow residents in the area to charge their phones, shower, and use their facilities until more power was regained.

Many people were calling their electricity suppliers, looking for answers as to when they would regain power, but no one knew for sure the exact date. CMP workers were working day and night to fix the lines, and volunteer electricians were coming from all over to try to restore power. The Maine Emergency Management Agency, on Monday afternoon, said that they were working with the U.S. customs officials to allow Canadian utility crews into Maine to help with the line work. Even with all that help, there were still some people who still didn’t regain power until the following Saturday night.

The tempest brought more than just the biggest power outage in Maine history, though. Street lights started to malfunction, roads flooded, school days were cancelled for one or more days, and after at least one day of cancellations, there were multiple delays until all the damage had been fixed for the next school week. Busses were rerouted to avoid the aftermath of the storm and debris, like fallen trees, damaged vehicles, homes, power lines, and property in general. With this storm causing the worst power outage in the history of Maine, let’s just hope that it stays that way.

Massabesic Field Hockey

article by Anna Snyder
edited by Izzy Hurlburt 

The MHS field hockey program is a team run by Michele Martin-moore. She has been running this program for 16 years. She states year by year the team is always her first priority. Her program is always growing, not just by players but by family. All her girls treat each other with respect like a family.
The Massabesic High School Field Hockey team was very successful this fall of 2017. The playoffs ended in a hard fought loss in the semifinals against Westbrook. The girls did get revenge on Thornton Academy on Wednesday, October 18, and pulled through with a score of 3-0. They may not have ended their season where they wanted it, they sure worked really hard, and had, and always did have, great teamwork skills. Let’s see what their coach has to say about it: “My ultimate goal, besides the obvious one of being State Champs one day, is to build a program that is a contender year after year, but that also fosters the spirit of camaraderie and allows young women to grow up knowing they can do anything they want if they are willing to work for it. I want the program to teach people that they can make a difference in the lives of others by treating everyone with respect and compassion.
  Teamwork is truly what 'makes the dream work'. No one can accomplish more on their own than they can when they work together, it's crucial to not just the game of FH, but in's essential. What I love most about my teams are the way they treat each other...they don't always get along like best friends  and they are all different individuals,but they are like a family in the fact that they will have each other's back. Each day during the season I get to end my school day surrounded by girls I love like my own children and coaches that I have watched grow up from HS students to incredibly caring, talented, successful young ladies. What more could someone ask? I hope to continue coaching for at least 5 more years...right now that is when I plan to retire from teaching.”

We believe this team has a lot of spirit and heart that will continue to grow stronger as the years go on. Our upperclassman on this team will be missed. They have left a strong impact on this team, and the drive to be a strong team and family will always be there. The upperclassmen have not only been great players, but have been a huge inspiration on what it is to be a successful student athlete. Morgan Pike, a senior captain of the field hockey team, said, “I have made so many memories within the field hockey program here at Massabesic. I have watched the program and myself grow each year, and last year we got to break in the new turf/facility with a successful season, hosting the regional finals as well as being able to compete in them, then advancing all the way to the state championship is something I will never forget. The coaching staff and players within the program are one of a kind, and I am going to miss them all so much!”

   Varsity Breast Cancer Awareness game against Sanford at the Massabesic stadium.

We believe the field hockey team is a great sport and family for anyone. It is a great community and environment that will surely continue from year to year. You will experience great connections with people as the season goes making highschool even better. Kaylee St. Laurent, a three time field hockey varsity athlete, states, “Even though our season ended earlier than we would have liked, we played a very skilled team and I am so proud of how our team battled until the end. As a senior I am so sad to be leaving the team that I love so much.”  
In the future you could possibly experience going into regionals or even states. The point is, that field hockey is a family, and family is forever.

Gordan Hayward

article by Noelle Desvergnes and Makenna Roy
edited by Hailey Kamenides

We are Noelle Desvergnes and Makenna Roy in this article we are going to explain how Gordon Hayward’s injury happened, information about it, and a little bit about how his future changed because of the injury. We chose this event to talk about because it ties in with events happening out of state but that are still relevant to many people. This one interested us most because we both play basketball and enjoy watching and playing multiple sports.
Opening night in the NBA was supposed to be an exciting one but that came to an end 6 minutes into the Celtics-Cavs game. One of the Celtic’s star players, Gordon Hayward, only 27, went down with a gruesome injury. Trying to complete an alley-oop pass from Kyrie Irving, Hayward went down hard. Hayward ended up with a dislocated ankle and a fractured tibia.
Hayward was expected to dominate this season but unfortunately a gruesome injury took place opening night. Hayward’s injury needed surgery, he needed surgery to repair the fractured bone and the torn ligament. The doctors said that if the surgery went well then he will have a full recovery. The surgery went very well and Hayward is planning to start rehab. He is very excited to step on the Celtics court again come next year.
Hayward will have a long recovery, but a full recovery, fortunately. He will be getting ready to play again in the future. They aren’t trying to rush anything and are not giving a timeframe, but it looks like next year he will be back on the court, ready to give 100%. Everyone knows what he’s about to go through and is nothing but support.
Haywards injury will be leaving him out for the rest of the 2017-2018 season for the Celtics. Leaving the team to have his back and help him through the tough injury. The team will have to step it up and they can only do that if each of the players works harder. “ For as long as Hayward is out, the Celtics will be dangerously low on proven outside shooting and right back to lacking elite wing size. They will need to rely even more heavily on Brown, who was great against the Cavaliers, and Tatum, who worked past early struggles to deliver a strong debut. They will need to hope Skinny Marcus Smart is more like the monster who dominated the third quarter rather than the layered brick who showed up before halftime. They will need to hope Irving can carry the offense for long stretches at a time; Horford can be his team's rock; and Terry Rozier can fly around causing havoc, like he did Tuesday.” says This shows the work that’s to be given to make up for the absence of Hayward.
Haywards recovery will be long and stressful. Though, the team will keep him in their minds and have his back a tall times. His career will have ups and downs, but it whats gonna motivate him to play harder when he gets back out there on court again. Along with the team the fans and family members prayers were a big push to his hopes of getting back out there soon.
Gordon Hayward’s injury has impacted everyone. Every player knows what he’s going to have to go through in order to be back and better than ever. Gordon’s pain was only something that he could endure and feel and with the surgery going smoothly he will try to put this behind him and get prepared mentally and physically.Boston Celtics' Gordon Hayward grimaces in pain in the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017, in Cleveland. Just five minutes into his Boston career, new Celtics star forward Gordon Hayward gruesomely broke his left ankle, an injury that may end his season.(AP Photo/Tony Dejak) 

The Celtics are currently 9-2 so far this season, and sit atop the Atlantic Division, as of the time of this publishing.  

Hurricane Irma and its Devastation

article by Riley Greenleaf and Mallory Mulrath
edited by Hailey Kamenides

All over the world hurricanes are continuing to happen. People are having to evacuate their towns, and their homes are being destroyed. As of now thousands of people are without homes, or are even dead because of hurricanes. Specifically Hurricane Irma resulted in over 100 people dying due to this massive hurricane. Although this hurricane hit a lot of people in a lot of places, the people in the Caribbean were hit the hardest. To this day everyone is still trying to recover from the damage hurricane Irma caused.  
Hurricane Irma took place August 30, 2017 through September 16, 2017. During this storm, it was recorded as the strongest hurricane that National Hurricane Center ever recorded in the Atlantic outside of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. The reason that it was recorded as this was because of the damage it did to towns, buildings, and people. The damage was horrible. For example thirteen out of fifteen of the Caribbean provinces were affected. Schools were suffering and almost two-thirds of the country didn’t have electricity.
      The 2017 hurricane season has been much worse than it normally is. The hurricane energy index for the month of September in 2017, has gone off the charts for its record breaking index of 155.4 hurricanes, making 2017 one of the worst hurricane seasons ever recorded. Hurricane Irma reached wind speeds of about 138 mph, and because of that, it was classified as a category 5 hurricane. It then slowly came down to a category 4 hurricane. It has also been confirmed that the cost of the damage has reached about 62 billion dollars.

download (6).jpg
     So many people were affected by Irma, as well as countries. The major countries that were hit by Irma include Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, The Dominican Republic and Haiti, The U.S. and British Virgin Islands, Antigua and Barbuda, some parts of Mexico and Southern Florida, in the United states, and most of the Caribbean Islands. Mass devastation and even flooding occurred in these areas because of Irma. It has been recorded that the total number of fatalities that occurred due to Irma is 134. Also many more people were left injured. So many families lost their homes, while over half of the homeowners affected were left without power. Streets were flooded in many areas, causing people to flee their homes As of today, these areas are still trying to recover from the mass destruction caused by Irma.

        Since Hurricane Irma left so much destruction to these areas, many organizations have been set up to raise money and help with the costs of the devastation, also for the care and safety of families that had to flee their homes due to the storm. Even some well known Hollywood celebrities have teamed up to raise money and help the cause. According to CBS Miami, “Popular Hollywood Celebrities helped raise over $44 million for hurricane relief with a 1-hour telethon. Justin Bieber, George Clooney, Beyonce, Will Smith, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson all took part in this  1-hour telethon fundraiser, called “Hand in Hand,” as well as a few others. They helped raise money with performances by Blake Shelton and Stevie Wonder, as well as some other singers. There are also many other organizations that were designed to help hurricane Irma victims, and raise money for the damage. Organizations such as American Red Cross, ADRA International, Americares, and Global Giving are all accepting money, food, and water donations for the people and areas affected by Hurricane Irma.
      It is very important to know how serious hurricanes are. They are not just a little rain and thunderstorm that will pass eventually, they are far more serious, and can cause far more devastation than a lot of other natural disasters can. They leave people without power for days, and sometimes even without homes, they can cause major floods, and even cause some people to lose their lives. Some hurricanes and cyclones have even made the top 10 worst natural disasters of all time, like the India Cyclone in 1839, and the Bhola Cyclone in 1970, which killed thousands of people. Hurricanes are very serious matter, and unfortunately there is nothing anyone can do to stop hurricanes from happening, as they are completely natural. You can take action by donating to an organization that helps with the recovery from the devastation of hurricanes. As of now you can donate to help the recovery of hurricane Irma, or some of the other recent hurricanes, like Harvey, Nate, Jose, etc. Or you could go online and discover some different ways that you could help the cause. Hurricanes are horrible disasters, especially ones like Irma, and we should do everything that we can to help the cause.

Maine's Hunting Season

article by Katelyn Dearborn
edited by Brianna Mooers

Maine’s Most Dangerous Season?

Image result for hunting season     The start of fall marks a Mainer’s favorite season: Hunting season. Most people would say it’s the most riveting sport that Maine has to offer, with over 30 different species to hunt, in millions of woods to choose from. But many would disagree. In fact, Maine’s hunting laws have become quite a debate over the past few years for multiple things. Endangered animals, animal cruelty, hunting grounds, and even second amendment rights have been argued about over this issue, and still are today. So for those who may be new to this state, new to the sport, or already enjoy the sport, this article is to inform you on some of the issues that revolve around this specific time of year, and can maybe help you decide your own opinion on these topics.

Maybe We Shouldn’t Kill ALL of Them..

    When it comes to hunting, there just seems to be two kinds of people; The ones who hunt for fun, and the ones that are mad at the hunters because they’re killing innocent creatures. Well, you gotta hand it to those hunters, because they help the community a lot by keeping animal populations from getting too high, attracting tourists and foreigners from out-of-state, giving us the food we eat.
    But the ‘haters’ aren’t wrong however. I mean, what’d those animals ever do to you? You take their home, take their food, kill them, stuff them and hang them on your wall, and many people choose to eat them. And now you’re driving them extinct! That’s right, there are endangered animals up for game out there that we are doing nothing to protect. Take the New England Cottontail for example. There are now less than 300 left in Maine, but are still easily killed by hunters who don’t know any better.

Is That Really a Great Hunting Spot?

    Maine is filled with woods, and most of those woods are full of animals just prancing around waiting to be shot. So where do people like to hunt? Right next to lively neighborhoods, of course! Maybe not the big cities out in the open, but there are plenty of homes out in some of those woods where some creatures still hop around. If it’s close to home, then why not?
    Why, probably because it’s not very hard to mistake a person for an animal. Or to miss-fire and hit the side of a house. Because it’s happened before. Although these instances are rare, they can still easily happen. In fact, I live in a neighborhood where we see people hunting around us all the time, so I have to wear something bright when I walk home from school. And pretty soon, other kids and I will be walking home in the dark as well, to make matters worse. This is an issue I more than disagree with. And I’m not the only one.
    But, as dangerous as it may seem to have gunshots be heard from not even a mile away, it is important for keeping deer population from skyrocketing. Too many deer can cause an increase in car crashes as well as an increase in Lyme disease since deer can easily spread ticks around. And many neighbors do find it annoying when deer eat from their gardens. "Deer in urban areas can live for a very long time," DNR deer biologist Chad Stewart says. "They're completely absent or void of any sort of predator, short of a car, which is not really the way you want to manage a deer herd."

    In conclusion, those are just a few of the issues still swirling around in our community. Hopefully this article educated you on some you didn’t know, or at least got you thinking in a different perspective.
Image result for hunting season
Have fun, and stay safe!

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A View of the School from the Eyes of a Former Homeschooler

article by Addy Brandt
edited by Izabella Caruolo

Going to school is something that nearly every child in America takes for granted.  From preschool until they graduate from high school, children are stuck in the same system of school each and every day.  However, this is not the case for everyone.  Some parents make the decision to homeschool their child(ren). Homeschooled students will often choose to remain homeschooled all through their primary (elementary) education, but, some choose to attend school in either middle or high school. Those who do receive an awakening to what their peers have taken for granted since they began.  

According to the United States Department of Education, the number of students being homeschooled has had a drastic increase since 1999, when the approximated number was around 850,000 students.  In 2003, that number had grown to just over 1.1 million, and now, over 1,770,000 students in the United States are homeschooled. Why would someone choose to homeschool their child, you may ask?  Parents choose to homeschool their children for many reasons, the most prominent being concerns about the environment in the public school system that their child would be enrolled in, and displeasure in the school system and the quality of the education.  
As a former homeschooler myself, I can describe first hand how different the public school system is from homeschooling.  First, and what I found most difficult about public school, is not being able to take as much time as you need in order to understand a subject.  When I was homeschooled, I was able to take more time on the things that were difficult for me, and I could also blow through the things that came easily.  This made the transition to school difficult because now I have to get done the work and the test, regardless of whether or not I understand the material, and move right on to the next thing.  Other homeschoolers in other schools have also encountered this same problem upon attending school.  The social aspect of moving from homeschooling to public school is also quite immense.  As a homeschooler you go from being around people of all ages, those much older than you, those much younger than you, and all those in between.  At school, all of your classes and activities are with people your age, just younger, or just older.  It certainly takes a bit of getting used to,  but it is nice to be around people your age.  
For most students, school is something that is taken for granted.  You are in school from preschool until you graduate high school.  Then, maybe, you go to college for another four plus years.  When I came into school in seventh grade, I was shocked at how unappreciative some of my classmates were of the learning, and also of the teachers. For me, school was a novelty.  It was something that I had never experienced before.  I could not understand why those classmates were so anti-school.  I think that other homeschoolers have also seen this if they go to school.  Most other homeschoolers that I know, myself included,  who have gone to school have said that they absolutely love it.  Whereas a good number of our peers all harbor a deep contempt for it.   School really is something that will always have people who love it, and people who hate it.  

The Confederate Flag

article by Daisy Downs
edited by Izabella Caruolo

Hi, I'm Daisy Downs, coming at you from Massabesic High School. In this article I’m going to inform you about a recent issue right at our school with the confederate flag. This issue has impacted us significantly and is known by almost all the students and teachers in this school, and this is why I think it would be a good topic to talk and inform others about.
The confederate flag, also known as the “Rebel Flag” was the flag of the confederate states of America. Many people automatically do get offended when they see people wearing these flags because they think that is symbolizes racism. Many students in the school would wear hoodies, T shirts, and hats with the confederate flag on it. Teachers and other students didn’t think it was harming anyone and knew it was just something that they wanted to represent, like people do with the American flag.
Image result for confederate flag
Students representing the confederate flag and wearing shirts with the flag on it wasn’t ever a big issue at our school. Though, it did become an issue when complaints were being made to the principal that there was a group of people bullying African Americans in defense of the flag they were representing. This continued to get worse as days went on and people in the school started to get more tension with each other about the students that defend the confederate flag, or the students that didn’t; it went both ways.  

After drama went down and conversations between the principal and multiple students took place there was a rule made that nobody was allowed to represent the confederate flag. Since it caused so many problems and people to group up with their friends to either go against or for the confederate flag, staff at the school thought the best choice was to not allow students to even wear clothes with this flag on them to school.
Image result for confederate flag
In conclusion, there is a lot of controversy about what the confederate flag stands for, and how people have attributed their own meaning of the flag. Everyone has a different opinion on it. Once source reports this flag was used by troops in battle and the quote from the creator of the 2nd confederate flag, William T. Thompson can help you get an understanding of the flag itself and why certain people might be offended by this flag more than others: “As a people we are fighting to maintain the heaven ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race; A white flag would thus be emblematical of our cause. Upon a red field would stand forth our southern cross, gemmed, preserving in beautiful contrast the red white and blue.” However, other sources would contradict this as the source of the flag, which is part of the controversy.
As the school's responsibility is to deal with any issue that disrupts the learning environment, the significant impact the flag and its use in school required action.