Monday, May 22, 2017

Europe Trip 2017

By Avery Bolduc
Edited By Julia Gregoire

Over April vacation Mrs. Chamoff and one chaperone, Shannon Batson, took a group of 8 kids overseas and to Europe. They all met in the Boston Logan Airport, to depart to Amsterdam. After a 6 and half hour flight they landed safely around 5:00 am. Their layover was supposed to be 4 hours, but was delayed to 5 hours. They flew Air France from Amsterdam to Paris De Gaulle Airport. This airport was huge! It took only an hour and a half, but for those who slept through it, it felt like 30 minutes.
In Paris, they visited the Eiffel Tower, went on a cruise around the city, went into the Notre Dam Cathedral and even went to the Louvre; where the Mona Lisa is! Then after two days in Paris, they took a bullet train down to the French Riviera.
In the French Riviera, they went to Monaco, and saw the changing of the guards outside the palace. After that they went to Nice, and some swam in the Mediterranean Sea!
Then off to Florence they went! While in Florence they went to all the main squares and saw all the artwork from all famous artists during the time. Afterwards, on the way to Rome we went to The Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Their final destination was Rome. By far my favorite of all places, while we were there we went to the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, Vatican City,and even the Roman Catacombs.
Over the course of 10 days, the students learned about French and Italian Culture. It was an eye opening experience. Thanks to EF Tours, they made this amazing trip possible. Along the way, everyone made friends that we may not see, but will stay in our hearts.


Friday, May 19, 2017

DaddyOfive Child Abuse Allegations

By Kayleen Turner
Edited by Guinevere Cote

    Recently a youtube channel that goes by the name of “DaddyOfive” has blown up across the internet. The channel was labeled to be a prank channel. However, one of their most recent “prank” video has been controversial among many. The video featured their youngest son. The parents had made a mess of his rug and had started aggressively yelling and accusing him of being responsible for the situation. When confronted by his parents the child becomes visibly distressed. Knowing that he took no part in this he starts to cry and defend himself against the accusations.

    Many people found the video disturbing due to the child's reaction and the parents unstoppable instigation. The video was soon removed off of the channel and all other videos were made private and later removed by the creators. Many other youtube creators took a stand against the channel accusing them of potential child abuse, and criticizing the channels existence over all. Most videos include clips of the children being yelled at to the point of tears, being hit by siblings, and the parents. This caught the authorities attention and led to an investigation. In one of two apology videos the family says that they had already been investigated and that the authorities found nothing.

    The most recent investigation led to the parents losing custody of the two youngest children. Here's a link to a video that talks about the situation very well, . If you or someone you know is being abused call the authorities or tell a trusted adult.

Hood Sportsmanship Scholarship Award

By Emily Morin
Edited by Julia Gregoire
(School Life)

   Massabesic High School has been very successful in sports this year and many students have done great things for their athletic careers. One student in particular, Hope Saucier a senior at MHS, attended the Hood Sportsmanship Scholarship award banquet on May 7, 2017. The Hood Sportsmanship Scholarship awards student athletes $5,000 for those who are a good sport on the field, in the classroom, and in the community. After thousands of applications for the scholarship, 60 finalists had interviews and 18 of them got the scholarship award. Hood congratulated each athlete with $5,000 and they get to be in the Hood Sportsmanship Scholarship Hall of Fame. Hope Saucier said her and the winners, ‘went to the Hood banquet, got a tour of Gillette Stadium, walked through the locker room and all of the ‘behind the scenes’, got to stand almost on the field, met Gord Kluzak who spoke to us regarding sportsmanship, and got to have lunch in a box seating area that people are on a waitlist for 20 years to see a game!” These finalists showed how memorable they are on the field, in the classroom, and in the community. “This experience has been incredible and I can’t express how much I appreciate the amazing support I received,” Hope noted. Hope also thanked the school, teachers, and coaches for their support and guidance in what she has accomplished as a student athlete. “Thank you all so so much.”

Sudan, The Last White Rhino In The World

By: Savannah Wakita
Edited By: Guin Cote

Sudan is a Northern White Rhino who lives in Kenya, he is the last male of his kind. He is under armed surveillance 24/7 to protect him from poachers. This gentle giant is the last resort to help reproduce and multiply the species before they go extinct. There are only two female White Rhinos in the world and with the help of the community and the whole world, he will be united with one. The two rhinos are named Najin and Fatu, Fatu being the daughter of Najin. Tinder, the famous online dating website has created a profile for Sudan where users who swipe to the right are directed to a website where they can donate money to fund for a treatment that will help him and his new mate multiply. The scientists who will be conducting this experiment will need an estimated 10 million dollars to go through with the treatment. A main factor to this issue is that none of the three are exactly capable of breeding anymore. In efforts to protect the rhinos lives, the handlers remove their horns as poachers mainly want that. The three rhinos are the last hope for their species, so they are monitored every moment by radio transmitters that have been implanted where their horns would be and lots of other procedures and technologies. There is hope for him out there. In 1895 scientist were able to bring back the species of Southern White Rhinos from a small herd, to 20,000, and technology has definitely increased and advanced since then. Everyone’s watching this story closely to see how it plays out and if Sudan reaches his 10 million dollar goal and saves his species.

Image result for how to watch sudan the rhinoImage result for sudan the rhino tinder profile

Taz’s Little Lego Library

By Breanna Melanson and Allison Blair
Edited By Arie Moore

    A young boy in Portland, Oregon, is changing the community one lego at a time. Lending libraries are small, weatherproof boxes that usually contain books, which people can swap with or borrow from. However, the Little Lego Library is a bit different; instead of books, people can exchange Lego figurines. The small library was set up by Taz, a local elementary schooler, and his mom.
    “At school, Taz (who's 9) was studying how toys are made and learning about all the waste’” Taz’s mom, Mrs.Higgs, stated in an email. “He decided he wanted to prevent people from buying more plastic toys and instead share his Legos with other kids and he came up with the idea of a little free library to share his Lego minifigures.”

“Hi! Take a minifigure and leave a minifigure that someone else would like. Leave a note in the little log if you want. Have fun!”

    After the Lego Library opened last summer, it quickly gained popularity. “It was posted on Facebook and got 20,000 views in the first few days, Mrs. Higgs wrote. “It seems to be the first Lego library out there, and now we know of a couple kids who have built similar lego libraries of their own.” According to Mrs. Higgs, hundreds of Legos have been exchanged. Kids from Portland are getting a chance to play with legos, and, All in all, Taz is changing the world, one Lego at a time.

A photo of Taz and the Lego Library.

Tennis at MHS

By Zachery Bandle
Edited By Ben Sampson

Being one of our spring sports, tennis differs greatly from most of our other activities. For example, every member is ranked according to how many games they win in a small competition between the team. Also, tennis has the least amount of people when it comes to playing on the courts; specifically, one plays singles or doubles (alone or with a partner). Due to the intended lack of people, everyone who plays must have good concentration because they're constantly moving to their target.

As a freshman on the tennis team, I've learned a lot about how to go about a target and how to work with my teammate in doubles. Learning the variety of moves and the basics of the court is always the starting point, but building off of those is the fun part, i.e. working on your aim, your fastness, and your stability in your hits. Communication is an important factor notable for doubles; during a match, you and your teammate call hits and move around the court to make sure that every single area is covered.

Even though tennis has many ways for improving, that doesn't mean you shouldn't join. The best part of it is just trying your best and having fun. There's no reason to see it as a life or death situation where you must win. Afterall, tennis is a quiet sport; work on your finesse and fix it if you're able to instead.

Girls Varsity Softball Season

By: Jocelyn Jaro
Edited by: Ben Samson.
The Massabesic Girls varsity softball team has had a successful season so far with only two loses. Freshman and varsity player, Julia Gregoire answered some of my questions about the season so far. What has been the best part of the season? “The team chemistry has been great.” How is the team doing as a whole? “We’re working as a team more than at the beginning of the season. At the beginning, it felt like everyone was working as their own.” How has doing the 10 week hitting program in the winter helped the team? “It made us 10 weeks ahead of most the teams we are playing.” How have you improved personally? “The speed of the game has improved for me. Everything is a lot faster and I'm finally getting the hang of it.” Where do you see the team headed for the rest of the season? “We are facing some pretty tough teams for our last 6 games so we are going to work hard to come out on the top with some wins.” Come support the girls at their last home games!
    (Julia Gregoire vs Biddeford. Picture credit to Jason Gendron)