Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Pep Rallies at MHS

Pep Rallies at MHS
Written by Camryn Champlin
And edited Luc Beaulieu

     In a recent interview, MHS senior Nick Amabile shared his thoughts about the awesome pep rallies here at MHS.

     “Why does our school hold pep rallies?”

     “I think our school holds pep rallies because it really pumps our sports teams up before games and overall makes school a happier place.”

     “Do you think you are more involved your senior year or your freshman year?”

      “I honestly think that I have been attending more rallies and school functions because of my main sport, basketball. With the amount of time required to attend school, it gives me more opportunities to be involved. Although, I feel that if you participate your freshman year it is more likely that you will keep participating in your later years.”

     “Which pep rally is your favorite?”

     “My favorite pep rally, and most of others, is the last pep rally of the year because everyone is already hyped up about it being the end of school.”

      “Is the pep rally during homecoming week any different than the others?”

     “The homecoming pep rally is one of the best. It is a great way to end the week and it really brings our school together before the homecoming dance.”

     Pep rallies are located in the MHS gym, in the morning or afternoon. Students are separated by class. The upperclassmen usually run all the games and activities and most of the time seniors win. One of the most popular games is tug of war.

     Ryan Townsend and Madi Drain held the latest pep rally. This one consisted of announcements of homecoming king and queen for each grade. Another highlight was when the football players and Cheerleaders performed a dance to the song “Me Too,” by Meghan Trainor. There was also a dance off between the classes, in which the juniors won. The winning dancers were Zoey DeAngelis and Sydney Sawtelle. According to teacher and coach Michelle Martin-Moore, “This was one of best pep rallies we've had in a long time.” Also some of the varsity players on the field hockey team did a dance routine with the mascot, Manny, for the school.

     The pep rallies here at MHS are very exciting and a great way to get involved with your school. You can meet new friends, try something new, and rise out of your comfort zone. Our next pep rally is going to be held in the Massabesic Gym on March 2nd. Come out with your school spirit and you’ll be guaranteed a good time!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Why Everyone Stresses About College, Almost

Why Everyone Stresses About College, Almost
By Ryan Topham
Edited By Luc Beaulieu

     From the moment that you walk into the high school as a freshman, it seems that most people almost immediately go into “I NEED TO PREPARE FOR COLLEGE!!! NOW!!!” mode, and while it is true that you need to be thinking about your future a little bit, it is not something that you should be thinking about every waking moment of your life, and if it is something to figure out, it is one of the hardest things to do, but here is why you need to stop worrying about college.
     The most important thing for you to know is that everyone around you who wants to get into college is going to, or so everyone is going to say to you. Now, it may be more of a painless experience for others than yourself sometimes, but for the most part, it is going to be a journey that we are all going to take, and it isn’t something to stress about.
     Now, most people think that that they need to get into a huge college with a great reputation in the workforce, but for most, this is not the case. While it is true that it would be awesome to be able to say that you graduated from MIT, Harvard, Yale, or Princeton, this isn’t something that all of your employers are going to be looking for. Why, though, you may be asking. The answer is simple, college is just gosh darn expensive. Not everyone is able to afford to go to a great school, because most often, tuition can be something that is going to be something that kills you. These schools can have a tuition rate of upwards of almost $50,000. This is crazy, and you may now be retaliating that you can get a scholarship, which, isn’t always the case.
      Now, most of the people who would like to be able to go to one of the aforementioned schools are typically the people who are going to be able to get a scholarship to cover some of their tuition. Though, not to crush your dreams, it just isn’t going to happen. Yes, you may be able to get a scholarship(s) that will cover maybe $20,000, and that is a very slim chance. Now, depending on the rigour of your courses, you are still going to be looking at at least $20,000 more. This is a huge uptaking for you and your family, and it is something that is probably going to carry with you for a long time throughout your life, something that you may always struggle to keep up with monthly.
     Now, you may be thinking that I am focused upon only the highly motivated, but I am going to show you some other cases which will counteract this. The fact is, everyone who is going to go to college is going to want to succeed at something.
     They may not be the most motivated student that you have met, but they know they want something in life. There is also an issue with this. They are worried about how they are going to achieve this. Due to the fact that they aren’t as motivated as they would like to be, they are going to be stressing about wanting to make themselves better, and improve their chances to achieve what they would like. While this is great, this is problematic for the character, as the inner you wants to enjoy life. The inner you is telling you that you should be able to enjoy yourself, and have fun, as well as be who you really are. The logical achieving side of you is counteracting this, it is telling you that you need to get A, B, and C done in the next hour, something that is illogical.
     Looking back on the things that I have given, you start to see the picture. Not one person is the perfect high school student when it comes to their future, and most don’t have a plan on what they want to do with their lives. And in this, lies the greatest fallacy. The fact that a student is either putting too much on him or herself, while the inner them is telling them to enjoy their life, or that people are looking to achieve too much, is the real issue. If people, particularly high school students in our case, were able to plan ahead, but not too far ahead, to what they realistically want to do with their life, they would be better suited to make the decision of what they want for their college life, if anything at all.
      The ideal student for our scenario is one who is going to wait a few years before they concern themselves with the giant leap into their future that they are going to take. Most people aren’t ready for the process that is going to go on, and should be waiting to mature before they being to think about what is going to happen. College is a big step, and with all of this, it is easy to see why people need to work on taking the minor steps necessary for making this progression towards their future.
Image source: Pexels

Shark Tank Explosion

Shark Tank Explosion
By Emma Sweeney
Edited by Rachael Bonia

      On December 19, a shark tank in the Shanghai Mall burst. Pieces of glass 25 centimeters thick injured 15 people, 8 of them being shoppers. Even though the aquarium was only two years old, BBC says the explosion was caused by a combination of low temperatures and weak materials that caused the 33 ton tank to explode. The lives of three lemon sharks were lost during the flood. Many turtles and other small fish were also killed. Although they plan on fixing the popular tourist attraction, they will not be putting in a new aquarium.
Broken glass from the tank 

The History of Valentines

The History of Valentines
Written by Angelli Bishop
Edited by Allison Gerry

     Valentine’s Day, although riddled with a dark origin has now become one of the most celebrated holidays all over the world. To understand the history of Valentine’s Day we must start from the very beginning, which was in a Roman Festival called Lupercalia.
     To start off, Valentine’s Day was celebrated as a festival of fertility, in which the Christian Church chose the middle of February to Christianize the celebration. Although it is unknown how the holiday got its name, we do know that there were about three saints at the time all named Valentine. However, one of the saints stood out because he had been sentenced to death for holding wedding ceremonies which at the time, Emperor Claudius II had banned young, roman soldiers to be wedded due to his belief that marriage/love would make a soldier weak. It’s believed that Valentine was the first to write an actual “valentine’s” card to his love, where he was in prison just before his execution, signing the letter “Love, Valentine” just before his death.
     At the end of the 5th century A.D however, Pope Gelasius had declared for February 14th a day for honoring “the soft hearted Valentine”. Around the 1300’s was when Valentine’s Day was really associated with love and romance, and not until around the 1700’s had britain started the tradition of giving and receiving gifts. After Britain had started the tradition, eventually the U.S had also joined in on the celebrations. 
    Now, in the modern society more than 35 million of heart shaped boxes of chocolates, and 220+ million roses are bought each year just for the holiday. This holiday can be very pricey, and on average Americans spend about 20 billion dollars on cards, chocolates, flowers, and jewelry. 
     Though this holiday has a vague history, we do know that a man named Valentine’s heroic and romantic action lead to the Valentine’s Day we celebrate today. 
Valentine’s Day being celebrated in the city of love

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics

PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics

By: Bailey Baldwin
Edited By: Cassidy Morrell

     As you may know, every other year, athletes around the world get together to compete for fame, glory, and medals. This global competition is called the Olympics, and we have one coming up not too far from now over in South Korea. The PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics started on February 9th and is coming to an end on February 25th. It’s officially the 51st games since its first appearance in the Athens in 1896.
PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games Logo
Athens 1896 Summer Olympic Games Logo
     There are some very unique things happening in this year’s Olympics, the first being North and South Korea putting down their weapons of war and joining together to become one team for the winter games. Russia has also been found of a huge doping scandal, banning them from this winter games and forcing those who were not guilty of using drugs to compete at these winter games under a neutral name. 
     The opening ceremony was on Friday, February 9th, but sporting events started as early as Wednesday, the 7th. So far, there have been 48 medals given out, as 16 sports have finished up competitions for medals. These sports include Biathlon, Cross Country Skiing, Figure Skating, Freestyle Skiing, Luge, Short Track Speed Skating, Ski Jumping, Snowboarding, and Speed Skating. The country currently with the most medals is Norway with 8, but Germany, Canada, and the Netherlands are in hot pursuit, each with 6 medals.
     In the end, no matter who wins, the Olympics is a time to celebrate our differences and come together in a reunion of Earth. The tension between countries is being set aside, even just for two weeks, in order to grant everyone with a welcoming feel as we watch athletes from all over the world use their time to shine. I know I absolutely cannot wait for what is still in store, and I’m excited to watch the world come together for the next two weeks.

The Government Shut Down of January 20th

The Government Shut Down of January 20th

Written by Xander Morley
Edited by Giavanna Cardona-Simmons

      On January 20th at midnight EST, the U.S. government shut down. The reasoning behind this event was that the attempt to overcome a democratic filibuster of a temporary appropriations bill didn’t get enough votes to go through. It required a ⅗ supermajority to end. There was also a dispute whether President Trump should get allocated funding for his Mexican-American wall border, which was his big promise during his presidential campaign. The shutdown occurred on the one year anniversary of Donald Trump’s presidency which many people criticized. It lasted only a mere 2 days but was still a big deal.
There were a couple disputes at this senate meeting as well. Such as that the Democrats agreed to end the shutdown if the Republicans agreed to have a debate on the DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act) before the continuing resolution expires on February 8, 2018. The Extension of Continuing Appropriations Act, 2018, was under consideration to extend funding through February 16, 2018. The bill passed the House on January 18, but the vote in the Senate failed 50 to 49 votes when 60 were required for it to pass. This happened shortly before the midnight expiration of the previous continuing resolution. At the end of all this, Donald Trump finished with saying it was a “big win” and that the Democrats “caved in”. A lesson to learn from this is that we need to take things like this seriously and that the Senate, Congress, White House and other government affiliated places need to work to make sure things like this don’t happen. 

The Psychology of New Year Resolutions

The Psychology of New Year Resolutions
By Andrew Holmquist
Edited By Andrew Holmquist
     Research has shown that about half of all people make New Year’s resolutions. However, fewer than 10% manage to keep them for more than a few months. Some of the common ones are to get more money, spend less time on your phone, and exercise more/eat better.
     The reason why your resolutions do not last long is because you set unrealistic goals or too many. This is called False Hope Syndrome, and it is caused by unrealistic goal setting. In fact, 156,000,000 million people give up on them before you can say “confetti”. The gym is packed in January and February, but in July it is empty. You might find yourself rummaging through your fridge for a salad, but before long your pounding Chips Ahoy after school. In order to avoid being one of these people, you should try to do these methods.
     Being Realistic. You should not try to go cold turkey on the cookies, instead limit the amount you eat per day (just an example), and slowly decrease until you hit zero. Or exercise 3 days per week then increase after a while until you hit your goal.
     One At A Time. Try to do one resolution before you tackle another. So get into the routine of eating better, and when that is under control, start another goal of yours. This will make it much easier for you.
     Tell Someone Else Your Resolution. By telling someone, this will make you more accountable and the person who you tell can help you with your goals as well. Asking for help is a great place to start.
      Change does not come overnight, and this is especially true with long term habits, however if you follow these steps, you can achieve your goals in 2018.
      If you think this all sounds like too much hard work and that it’s not worth making resolutions to begin with, bear in mind that people who make New Year’s resolutions are ten times more likely to achieve their goals than those who don’t.